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Multiple Auto Attendants Lead New VirtualPBX Features

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Multiple Auto Attendants Lead New VirtualPBX Features

Multiple Auto Attendants Config - New VirtualPBX FeaturesThere are a number of new VoIP features we’ve packed into our Business Phone Plans.

Now you can use Multiple Auto Attendants, Business SMS, Dynamic Caller ID, and Video Conferencing in many of our plans for both small businesses to enterprises. We’ve also made some changes to our existing features like Priority Support, Call Recording storage, and API, so don’t leave this page before you’ve had a chance to investigate.

New Features

Multiple Auto Attendants

VirtualPBX Multiple Auto Attendants MenuAll users of our Unlimited Minutes Plans are able to create more than one Automated Attendant for their inbound calls. In addition to your Main Number, you can create as many Auto Attendants as you need:

  • Use unique greetings for each attendant
  • Create separate call routing options for each attendant
  • Assign your DID numbers to their own Auto Attendant
  • Assign multiple numbers to a single Auto Attendant

Accessing this feature is done in your Dashboard through our new Auto Attendants menu option. There you can add phone numbers, modify your greetings, change your menus, and alter each attendant as you see fit.

Business SMS

Of the new VirtualPBX features, we’re most excited about this one. Customers of our Advanced and Enterprise Plans can now use Business SMS.

Through the VirtualPBX Softphone (both mobile and desktop), you can send and receive SMS texts to your customers. This makes a great addition to sales teams that want a novel way of reaching contacts. And it’s a simple way of changing up your target marketing campaigns.

The VirtualPBX Phone System processes SMS text messages in the same manner it does phone calls. This means we can move business texting data to other applications like you might handle within Zapier. A simple use case is that you can use a Webhook to note when a text has been received and then send that information to a Zapier workflow, which can alert your team through Slack or Trello (or any other available application) that an inbound text should be addressed.

Our team is ready to help you with setup for these procedures.

Dynamic Caller ID

VirtualPBX Dynamic Caller IDWe know how important it is that you reach leads and customers in a targeted fashion. Scattershot and random messages won’t do. This is why we’ve implemented Dynamic Caller ID as one of our new VoIP features.

Dynamic Caller ID lets you categorize the phone numbers a system user dials so your Caller ID can match the intent of the call.

For instance, you could have Dynamic Caller ID recognize all the outbound numbers your sales team member dials with an 855 area code. If your business is located in the 855 area, you might want to let customers know that you offer local service by showing them a local phone number. Therefore when that area code is used, the team member’s Caller ID could be changed to something appropriate like +1-855-244-0398 which clearly shows your location.

You can choose to show any of the phone numbers available for use on your VirtualPBX Plan. Matching is available by VirtualPBX Feature Code used during the call, area code of the call recipient, and by regular expression that can match exactly or approximately the customer’s number.

Video Conferencing

Although you may have read about Video Conferencing in our other blog posts that illuminate our testing process and show our supported devices, we’re now on the doorstep of releasing Video Calling out of its beta test.

This means that all Advanced and Enterprise customers will have access to Video Calling in one-to-one calls and video conferences through devices like our VirtualPBX Softphone and desk phones like the Yealink SIP-T58V.

As one of the newest VirtualPBX features, this is perhaps the most advanced feature of our current lot. It gives your business the ability to converse within your own company (which is great for internal meetings and remote work) and lets you reach stakeholders that share the same calling capability on their own phones.

Existing VirtualPBX Feature Updates

Priority Support

Previously, our Priority Support was only included with Enterprise Plan. Now our Advanced customers will find it included in their service.

We found that many of our larger customers were choosing the Advanced plan but were also in need of increased customer support. In addition to 24/7 access to our Support team through phone, email, and web chat – which is available for all our customersPriority Support grants them:

  • Direct access to Support for urgent issues
  • A dedicated account manager from our senior staff
  • Immediate access to our engineering team

This level of service makes it easier for larger customers with more involved phone network circumstances to get immediate assistance with complex issues.

Call Recording

Although our core Call Recording service has remained unchanged in its functionality, we have increased the storage capacity of this feature for our largest customers.

Enterprise Plan users are now granted 5 GB of storage on VirtualPBX servers to hold all their recordings. These can include inbound and outbound calls.

Additional storage on our servers is still available for a small fee per gigabyte, and any Enterprise customer that wants to move their data off-site can do so through AWS Integration, which immediately moves your recordings to an external Amazon AWS server.

VirtualPBX Call Recording Manager

API Access

Finally we come to API Access. This feature, though not typically needed by smaller customers, is now available on both our Advanced and Enterprise Plans to address midsize and enterprise companies.

Our API gives you a direct path to the internals of the VirtualPBX Phone System. Among many other assets, you can access devices in use on your system, phone numbers assigned to individuals, and the webhooks you have in use. All the data you can access is available for use in your own applications.

Try Our New VoIP Features

Our excitement for the release of new VirtualPBX features only goes so far. We need you to take advantage of these releases to give them real traction.

We’re available to chat to get you started with any of the features listed here. Get in touch today to set up your first of Multiple Auto Attendants or send your first text message.

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