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How Call Center Managers Can Use Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Call Barging

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How Call Center Managers Can Use Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Call Barging

Call Center Call Floor - Using Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Call BargingNot every inbound sales or customer service call your team will field is going to proceed smoothly. With our ACD Queues Pro capabilities of Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Call Barging, you can help smooth out the edges and train your employees to handle any situation.

For call center managers and team leads, these features are a must when your agent count is large and your inbound calls are numerous. See how Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Call Barging can fit into your organization and become and essential part of your Business Phone Plan.

Overview of Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Call Barging

Let’s begin by defining exactly what these features do. The following sections will cover a use case for each of them.

To start, Eavesdrop allows administrators in our ACD Queues Pro system to listen to live calls in progress without the call participants hearing that the admin is on board. A call center manager, for example, could listen to a trainee’s first live set of customer support calls.

Whisper works similarly in that it allows an admin to speak to an ACD Queues Pro agent while in a live call. The admin and agent will be able to hear each other, but the customer will not. This can be useful for supplying essential information that the agent can pass along during a call.

Barge, or Call Barging, creates a 3-way call between admin, agent, and customer. Everyone on the call can hear and speak to everyone else. Here, the admin could take over the call or continue with a discussion about the current circumstances.

Eavesdrop - VirtualPBX ACD Queues Pro

Use Case for Eavesdrop

Consider that a call center manager is observing a trainee’s first calls as a customer support agent. The manager will have let the trainee be on their own because they know enough to complete the assignment, but it could be assumed that not all the trainee’s calls will run as smoothly as a senior agent’s would.

The manager could listen to those calls as part of their assignment for the day. Then during the day’s wrap-up, they could share what they learned with the trainee from hearing the interactions between that agent and the callers.

Eavesdrop makes it easy to create a silent partner in every conversation. The manager could take notes as the call is taking place and, if necessary, jump into the call later with a Whisper or Barge. But assuming the calls are working mostly without error, they could leave any discussion for the end of a call block.

Use Case for Whisper

If it’s the case that an agent doesn’t know how to proceed with an issue during a call, a call center manager could provide instruction using Whisper.

Perhaps the company has released a new product, or maybe a trainee is new to the company’s product features. It only takes a second for a more experienced team member to speak to the agent in the live call.

This could be done by request – such as an agent reaching out to a manager – or as the extension of a call that had begun with an Eavesdrop. In either case, a quick tip given to the agent can be then passed along to the customer without that individual knowing anything extra had taken place in the background and without ever having to be put on hold.

Use Case for Call Barging

Sometimes, it’s necessary for a more experienced team member to take the reigns in a call. Customers don’t always make requests of agents that they know exactly how to handle, so Barge gives other team members the ability to supplement any other agent’s knowledge.

Again it could be the case that the agent is unfamiliar with a new product or is new to the company. An experienced agent might also have encountered a customer’s request that was unique and part of a niche they don’t ordinarily consider.

Call Barging creates a 3-way call that, like Whisper, can occur without having to inconvenience the customer by placing them on hold. The situation can be resolved quickly, which keeps everyone happy and allows the agent to move to other customers’ calls.

ACD Queues Pro at Your Business

Whether you’re managing an entire call center or simply leading a large team of sales persons, ACD Queues Pro has a lot to offer. The indispensable Eavesdrop, Whisper, and Barge work well alongside its many other features like Live Queue Monitoring and numerous Call Routing schemes.

Our Sales team is standing by on live chat to speak to you about these features and which VirtualPBX Plans would benefit your business the most.

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