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Calls to Mexico and Canada are Now Local

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Calls to Mexico and Canada are Now Local

Globe Showing North America - Calls to Mexico and Canada are Now Local on VirtualPBXThink about your current business phone plan and the restrictions it places on where you can make calls. Do your calls to Mexico and Canada incur an extra charge? If so, your “unlimited” minutes might have a hidden drawback that’s not necessarily uncommon in the VoIP industry.

We’re stepping outside that trend. All “local” calls on VirtualPBX Plans now include Mexico, Canada, and both Hawaii and Alaska. There’s no longer a division in our Business Phone Plans that categorizes those locations as international other than the need to dial “+1” when you make a call to a place outside the U.S.

VoIP and International Rates

VirtualPBX Essentials Plan FeaturesOne of the long-standing struggles with VoIP plans is that, often, “local” calls are restricted to the lower 48 states in the U.S. This excludes Hawaii and Alaska, and it categorizes Mexico and Canada as international locations, so you’re stuck paying higher fees if you want to reach a business or individual who resides there.

For many businesses, their reaction is to make as few calls as possible outside the contiguous U.S. Yet while this may actually be simple in practice – for instance by limiting your outbound sales calls to 48 states – it can potentially remove important business opportunities from your view.

We live in an international society, but practices in the telecommunications industry haven’t always kept pace with the increasingly global reach of both small and enterprise businesses.

Calls to Mexico and Canada

Think about the expanded reach that the possibility of free calls to Mexico and Canada presents.

You could, as was previously noted, expand your base of contacts for outreach in your sales department. You might also decide to increase your marketing budget to address a different region of North America.

Furthermore, you may also wish to expand your compliment of employees who work outside the confines of the contiguous U.S.

These goals, once limited by your phone plan, are now given support by your phone plan. The addition of local calling areas lets your business expand as if it has no borders.

Growth of Your Team Members

Not only do you now have the opportunity to complete free calls to Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska, the size of your team could grow to meet that ability.

Perhaps you considered hiring a new sales rep who could meet with Hawaii residents in person, but you always backed off that idea because calling anyone in Hawaii always incurred an extra fee. Now that those calls are included in your “local” allotment, your 2021 plans could include a new hire as you always wished it had.

This same logic applies to companies that want to make their presence known to the north or south of U.S. borders. Companies like Persistent Systems work on a global scale that rivals some of the largest companies active today. Persistent’s sites in Canada, Israel, India, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. show what an enterprise can do with a distributed workforce with a single VirtualPBX Phone Plan that links multiple sites.

Your own business, no matter the size, can now reach further than ever before by taking advantage of free calling across borders. You can keep your headquarters in the U.S. but have satellite sites in Canada and/or Mexico, expanding the reach of sales efforts and the locations of your team.

Of course, you can also work entirely virtually, like a software-as-a-service company might, and still find benefits for reaching out to new customers in locations you had not previously tried.

Reach Out For Assistance

Expansion of a team for making calls to Mexico and Canada, or just reaching our 49th and 50th states, might require that you purchase additional phone numbers to create a presence in those areas. Remember also that all VirtualPBX Plans come with at least two included phone numbers and as many as 15 with our Enterprise Plan.

For any assistance in expanding your plan or updating the phone numbers on your plan, we’re here 24/7 by phone and web chat to help.

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