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Holiday Call Forwarding

holiday call forwarding

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Holiday Call Forwarding

holiday call forwarding

It’s difficult to keep a business running at full speed through this time of year. Sometimes, offices look an awful lot like ghost towns during these couple of weeks when people are traveling for the holidays. There are many moving parts, including a spike in PTO and time off requests to keep track of. In fact, companies like LinkedIn have even been known to completely shut down their offices for an entire week. This is largely due to the massive amounts of people not on their regular schedules. But what if you didn’t have to write a whole week off? With some of the brilliant holiday call forwarding strategies from VirtualPBX, you really don’t have to.

Types of Call Forwarding


Simply put, softphones are one of the most convenient methods to ensure holiday call forwarding. Essentially, they make an entire phone system virtual, eliminating wires, hardware, maintenance, and more. By keeping your phone system in the cloud, you can make any phone or device with an internet connection your phone location. The VirtualPBX Softphone App allows you to toggle between work calls and private calls from your smartphone.

Follow-Me Calling

Unlike traditional call-forwarding which can be costly and restrictive, Follow-Me Calling is simple and flexible. The last thing you and your employees need during the holidays is any added stress. Holiday call forwarding becomes simple when you can preprogram several numbers that you can be reached at. For example, if your office line rings and you don’t answer, that call can next be routed to your mobile phone. If you’re not available on mobile, the call can be forwarded to your home line as well. This is something that can be tailored to fit particular employees at any time of the year. It is also an easy way to keep business moving at the end of the year.

This time of year is a blast, don’t let the problem of reduced productivity drag you down. By employing a few, simple call forwarding technologies you can keep your workforce happy and with their families and still not have to worry about being short-staffed this holiday season.

Whatever route you go for your business telephone system, please, from all of us at VirtualPBX, have a safe and happy holiday!

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