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Not All Routes Are Created Equal: User-Assignable Ring Times

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Not All Routes Are Created Equal: User-Assignable Ring Times

StopwatchVirtualPBX believes that you need to have the right options made available to you for a service to be worthwhile. That’s why we offer so many different strategies to use when routing your calls to traveling or dispersed workforces. But much like a growing company’s success can be a challenge if they don’t have the right partners who can scale with them as they grow, having these routing options are irrelevant if they don’t come with the preferences to use them appropriately. Enter, User-Assignable Ring Times.

Ringing 90 times before Voicemail Isn’t Helpful

With User-Assignable Ring Times, each extension can dictate how long a call rings on a given line before a routing action is taken. This means that if you are using Follow-Me Calling, and are at the fourth number you listed on your call forwarding cascade, you can shorten the ring time between each routing so that your customer gets to you sooner. Also, you can make sure that certain routing actions are given an appropriate amount of time to connect, too.

Not all Support Teams are Local

Okay, I admit, this is a shameless plug for the award-winning members of our VirtualPBX Support Team who are located right across the hall from me. In America. Sometimes, customer support agents are located overseas. If that’s the case, or if your after-hours support team is abroad or in another time zone, those types of transfers can take an added moment or two. Customers who are calling with problems are the most important calls, and having a trained professional from your team speak to them is crucial. Adding a moment or two extra to the ring time for these longer routing maneuvers might be prudent to keep them from being bumped to voicemail during the transition.

Whether you need to tweak your ring times a bit or if you have any questions about how to employ one of the many different routing options for your account, of course, you can get in touch with our Support Team. If I hear their phone ringing, I’ll let them know it’s you.

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