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Thought Leadership – Effective Business Communication

Call Routing and Caller ID

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Thought Leadership – Effective Business Communication

Thought Leadership with Kevin Peyton, Vice President of Sales and VoIP Expert

Tis’ the season to excel at customer satisfaction, help your business prosper, and achieve greater results with effective business communication methods. You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the business calling and VoIP landscape has changed over the years. To give you the best calling advice this holiday season, we talked to our very own VoIP extraordinaire – Kevin Peyton. With over ten years at VirtualPBX, Kevin shares a wealth of VoIP knowledge with current and potential customers every day, so we would like to pass on that knowledge to you.

effective business communication

Achieve effective Business communication with These
VoIP Calling features

There are many important factors in keeping your business thriving and growing. Effective business communications are near the top of the list. Today Kevin will talk about two essential elements that you should ensure to achieve effective communication:

1. Call Routing - Get To The Right Person or Team Quickly

The first is ensuring that when your customers and prospects are calling, they get to the right person or team as quickly as possible. Getting your callers to the correct department and the right person is critically important to maintain high customer satisfaction. It seems simple enough but can become complicated quickly with remote and disparate employees. You may also have team members who spend time in and out of the office. Unified communications from a quality vendor quickly solve these challenges. Advanced Auto Attendant capabilities, Follow Me Calling, and custom call flows can make it easy for your callers to get to the right place. You can even do some cool things with “prepends” on elements of the call that will present data to your team, helping them to respond quickly to the caller. If a team member cannot answer and the caller leaves a message, that message will be sent as an audio file and transcribed to the recipient -making it easy for your team member to respond timely and effectively.

2. Caller ID - Elevate Your Trust in Every Call

The second thing to consider is how calls are presented to your customers and prospects. You want to ensure your “CNAM” is current and precise. (CNAM is a mechanism to present your company name as part of your caller ID.) This way, your prospects and customers know it is a valid call worth answering. Like you, I get so many useless spam calls each day that I no longer answer calls unless I know exactly who is calling. There are many other valuable tools to improve your overall communications. Another benefit of an excellent unified Communications vendor is that you can also send a text from your business number. How cool is that?

Effective Business Communication with Call Routing, Caller ID, and more!

Call routing isn’t just a call center technology. Call routing is an invaluable feature for companies of all sizes and industries. Small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, enterprises with thousands of customers, and support and sales teams all benefit from routing calls effectively to its workforce. As a result, call routing increases immediate customer satisfaction and increases revenue-generation activities. Instead of calls ending up in a voicemail, they are answered by the right people at the right time.

If you’re considering a VoIP system, it’s important to also configure caller ID correctly. Caller ID allows your business to be recognized no matter where callers are located. With caller ID, customers can see the name of your business and contact person in their caller ID display. Some traditional business phone systems offer an option where the number they dial will appear on their caller ID display. However, this feature is sometimes seen as undesirable since it makes it difficult for customers to know which company they are calling – especially if they’re calling from a mobile device. In contrast, VoIP systems sometimes provide advanced options for displaying your business information to callers.

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