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Author: Jenae Townsend

Small Business Saturday 2021

Navigating the Small Business Saturday 2021 Shopper Experience

Small Business Saturday 20212020 was a challenging year on so many levels. Especially for local entrepreneurs and small business owners who faced many obstacles during the height of the pandemic. The good news? Positivity is on the horizon for those ready for Small Business Saturday 2021. Consumers feel more confident about this upcoming holiday shopping season. The National Retail Federation forecast that holiday sales during November and December expect to increase between 8.5 to 10.5 percent over 2020.

“Shop Small”

Those kinds of numbers during the busiest shopping time of the year are a welcoming sign, especially with Small Business Saturday on November 27. Created in 2010 by American Express, Small Business Saturday is the anthem for consumers to “Shop Small” between Black Friday and Cyber Monday by patronizing local brick-and-mortar stores. Last year, the U.S. Small Business Administration reported Americans spent nearly $20 billion on Small Business Saturday.

What about the shipping delays or “out of stock” scenarios popping up in the news? Even with the resources provided by AMEX and support from larger corporations, small businesses still have to face the possibility of not having enough inventory or staff to support the needs of their customers. Here are some tips to help prepare:

Tell the Truth

The keyword here is transparency. Holiday shopping is stressful. Hiring more staff to handle questions and utilizing messaging in marketing strategies or creating a loyalty waitlist may not be enough if a popular product is out. Let them know an estimated time it may be back in, or get an email to offer reasonable free shipping or discount when it arrives. That will not only help build your customer base but show the customer that you are willing to go the extra mile for a meaningful exchange.

Online Prep

Studies show that prospective customers visit a website before visiting a store, so prepare your site to offer live inventory updates and handle online customer inquiries. Creating a specialized toll-free phone number to direct specific inventory requests to trained staff members could gain valuable downtime and let customers know that their needs are essential. Here we discuss the benefits of expanding your phone system for the holiday.

Howdy Partner

Don’t do this alone. Partnering with other small businesses for Small Business Saturday is for the greater good. By tying in another business product with yours, you create an even more memorable experience, as well as help out your community. That’s right, for every dollar spent at a small business, around 67 cents stays in the local community.” That deserves a hashtag. #Awesome

Make it Personal

Find ways to personalize. This is an excellent opportunity to stand out and showcase other products in stock, which leads us to this question. Why did the consumers choose your store over similar businesses? Depending on what you’re selling, use that as an advantage. Maybe it is your reputation for stellar customer service or the personal touch of making your product packaging eco-friendly. From writing a handwritten thank-you note to adding customization to gifts, lean into what makes a visit to your store special.

Small business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, the patient and the persistent. It’s for the overcomer. – Unknown

Announcing the NEW VirtualPBX VoIP Reseller Program

New Reseller ProgramWe have taken it to the next level in the evolution of the VirtualPBX Business Phone System.

The NEW VirtualPBX Reseller VoIP Program is coming and will allow our partners access to the exciting benefits of our award-winning VoIP phone service.

As a telecommunications company with remote and hybrid employees, we have spent over 20+ years creating a productive and streamlined workplace. This program joins our existing partner offerings, including Affiliate Program for website owners, a Referral Partner Program that allows partners to pass leads onto our sales team, and a Customer Referral Program. While each program extends our innovative core features, integrations, and add-ons, the Reseller Program takes things to the next level.

New VirtualPBX VoIP Reseller Program: What Makes this Program Different?

Our existing programs give affiliates, customers, and resellers an easy way to refer business to VirtualPBX and be rewarded for doing so. However, the New Reseller Program gives much more power to partners to build their business selling and provide full service to their customers with the support and technology of VirtualPBX operating behind the scenes.

  • Silver program for resellers who do not require white labeling
  • Gold program for those who need white labeling
  • Platinum program that will include white labeling AND support services

The Reseller Program does more than grant your customers a sophisticated phone system. It provides a fully brandable experience with custom white labeling options. We support you so you can support your customers. And with add-ons like Softphone, SMS, and advanced reporting, both you and your customers get the VoIP service you’ve been waiting on.

“Our new Reseller Program is a fantastic business opportunity, providing so much more value to our partners and allowing them to collaborate with a VoIP provider whose primary focus is on the customer journey.” ~Paul Hammond, CEO

It is time to take your company communications up a notch, and who better than VirtualPBX, a trusted name in VoIP. Apply to the VirtualPBX Reseller Program Today.