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Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system is a business phone system that is provided as a service, through the internet and the public telephone network. Instead of a piece of hardware that hangs on a wall that connects only to phones inside the office, a virtual phone system, can route calls to any kind of phone, in any location. Calls into a virtual phone system are answered by an automated greeting, where callers can choose who or which department they want to reach. We then route the call to your employees wherever they choose to take calls – in the office, at home, or on the road.
The Virtual Phone System and the Virtual Office
A virtual office is a slightly broader concept – the idea is that a company having no real “headquarters”, instead employees work from anywhere and are connect by computers, internet, and . . . a virtual phone system. With no central office, costs can be saved on rent, utilities, etc., and employees can work from home. A virtual phone system makes this even better, because it can be much less expensive than phone hardware, while providing better flexibility. For more information about a virtual office or a virtual phone system, please give us a call.
Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications:
phone system
virtual phone system
toll free numbers
small office phone system
business phone number
business voice mail
virtual phone
virtual phone number
virtual receptionist
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voicemail systems
virtual voicemail
Ever since we invented the first virtual phone service, back in the 1990’s, VirtualPBX has led the market with technology, service, and product awards. This Business Phone System information is only part of the story. Please visit our home page for more about our award winning service.