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Virtual Office Services

With more and more businesses moving out of the office or using a distributed workforce, having virtual office services is an increasingly important part of the modern business world. Virtual office services include the ability to receive faxes, make conference calls, transfer calls, receive voicemail, and more. While things like handling incoming mail and packages is also important, those ‘physical’ virtual office services can’t be made virtual themselves. So what can be?
Virtual PBX’s Virtual Office Services
Everything else. Virtual PBX provides a single phone number that can handle faxes, conferences, call transfer, virtual voicemail, and connect those virtual offices services to any phones, computers, and email addresses required. Using existing devices, every call can be dispatched to wherever the agent of the company needs to receive it. Every fax can be redirected to an email address, or to several email addresses. Conferences can be made from whatever phones are available, connecting to the central platform whenever needed. Transfers are made using the touchtone keypad on any kind of phone.
Fully Featured, Fully Functional
Complete and robust virtual office services don’t need to come with a high price tag, and are entirely reliable on modern technology. Virtual PBX has been offering virtual office services for over ten years, and has an uptime of 99.999%. Plans begin as low as $10/month, and contain dozens of features, as would be expected of hardware taking a full server and costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Get virtual office services from the company that invented the hosted phone system – Virtual PBX.
Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications:
Ever since we invented the first virtual phone service, back in the 1990’s, VirtualPBX has led the market with technology, service, and product awards. This Business Phone System information is only part of the story. Please visit our home page for more about our award winning service.