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Office Phone System and Service

Putting together a good office phone system is important for any business. With some kind of office phone service, a company is stuck with at best some simple two or four-line phones, juggling calls between lines. A good office phone service can make processing incoming calls easy and efficient.
Office phone systems can either be local, consisting of a primary router that connects to a series of phones, or they can be a virtual system, which is all programmed and managed online, and routes everything offsite. Either way, these are generally much more complicated than regular phones, and provide far greater benefits.
VirtualPBX Office Phone System
VirtualPBX offers an offsite office phone system that can be easily managed online at any time. Calls entering the system get processed and can be provided with greetings, hold music, and the ability to transfer smoothly from one extension to another. These calls are then sent out to whatever regular phones are available to the client.
Because of this, putting together a complex office phone system is as easy as just having a phone. And more than just juggling lines, each person would be able to have their own extension. Conferencing becomes a snap, getting call records and details is immediate and easy, and mid-call transfers are just a few quick keypad presses.
The Best Office Phone Service
By using the VirtualPBX office phone system, a client can get the full quality of service provided by a system that would otherwise cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, require being installed and wired by electricians, all with the convenience of easy online management. Businesses that switch to VirtualPBX save anywhere from 15-50%, and their office phone service improves in flexibility, features, and ease of management.
VirtualPBX can also be relied on to continue being the best, with over ten years of experience and better standing amongst third-party watchdog groups like the Better Business Bureau. Engineering staff works constantly to improve and maintain the system at the highest levels of quality, keeping system uptime at 99.999%. So instead of worrying about how to put together a good office phone service, companies can focus on their own business.
Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications:
Ever since we invented the first virtual phone service, back in the 1990’s, VirtualPBX has led the market with technology, service, and product awards. This Business Phone System information is only part of the story. Please visit our home page for more about our award winning service.