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800 Numbers

800 Numbers from VirtualPBX®

More than just 800 phone numbers, they route to anyone, anywhere
Most 800 numbers service providers route your call to a single phone. But with VirtualPBX, when your customer calls in, the VirtualPBX Automated Attendant answers and allows the caller to be routed to any employees at any other numbers you wish – at traditional offices, a virtual office, cell phones, or even home phones.
A virtual receptionist and a professional image with your 800 number service
When the call arrives at VirtualPBX 800 phone numbers, our Virtual Receptionist (also called the “Auto Attendant”) answers the phone, and politely asks who or which department the caller would like to be connected with. This can be recorded custom for your system and gives your business a professional image. Try that with typical 800 numbers!
Follow-me calling, automatic call forwarding
With VirtualPBX, calls for you into one of your 800 numbers will try each number your “Follow-Me” list until it finds you. You can set up your follow-me list in advance, and change it anytime. Forwarding is automatic, but you can disable or change routing by phone or on the internet.
If you can’t or don’t wish to answer the phone, the caller is directed to leave a voicemail that you can pick up later. This voicemail can be retrieved by phone at one of your 800 numbers, through the internet, or in your email. Traditional 800 phone numbers don’t offer voicemail.
Routing 800 numbers to departments
Using True ACD™ Queue technology, calls can be routed quickly to whoever is available in a department, instead of just a single individual. No other hosted service gives you as many options for routing the calls. We offer load-balancing, skills-based and hierarchical routing, and more. You can even set overflow departments that can take excess traffic when call volume is high. So, marketing personnel could take calls whenever all of your sales people are already on the phone.
As many 800 numbers as you need
Each business is different, and each business may need a different amount of 800 phone numbers. Reasons for this can range from promotion tracking to brand control.
The low cost, full-featured 800 number service
You get all the extras at a price that is about the same as a standard 800 numbers service that just sends calls to a single phone.
No hardware costs for your 800 phone numbers
Best of all, there is no hardware to set up or maintain! All routing hardware is handled by VirtualPBX® leaving you with only the effects of a great PBX, the 800 numbers you want, and none of the cost or the hassle of hardware.
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