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Call Answering

Fully Customizable Call Answering Features

Call AnsweringAt VirtualPBX, we give businesses of all sizes enterprise-grade PBX phone system features at a small business price. We also back all of our award-winning plans with free customer service and an easy to use web interface so making changes to your business phone system no longer requires expensive engineering resources and hardware updates. Learn more about call answering service features like Auto-Attendant, Custom Greetings, Music/Info on Hold, Automated Directory, Day and Night Modes, Direct Inward Dial (DID), and Music Jukebox below.


The auto-attendant service is a central part of the VirtualPBX system in charge of the call answering service, eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist. Callers hear a custom business greeting and are then given options for routing their calls. You can customize the response of the auto-attendant through your custom greeting.

VirtualPBX gives many options for call routing:

  • A specific extension number/employee
  • An ACD queue (dial 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.)
  • Select an employee by first or last name from a company directory
  • Send a fax to an employee extension
  • Enter a tele-conference
  • Transfer to an information extension, such as a message giving driving directions or office hours

Custom Greeting

You may change the message heard by callers when the auto-attendant answers incoming calls to meet your specific needs. Record the exact greeting you want callers to hear, in a manner that suits your budget. You can create a synthesized greeting using our text-to-speech system at no additional cost. Or you can take advantage of our in-house talent or professional voice talent at a nominal fee.

If you need to change the automated attendant greeting in the future, you’ll be able to use our Greeting Manager to record and upload your own, use our text-to-speech system, or have it recorded for you.

Use the custom greeting to help callers find the people or information they want. For example, direct callers to an ACD queue (dial 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.) if they know the department they want or give them access to a company directory.

Music/Info on Hold

Improving your company image can be as easy as playing a little music. While callers are waiting to be connected to an extension, they can listen to music or a recorded message. Choose music from a wide variety of interesting titles, or generate excitement with a promotional message.

Automated Directory

Callers can be given access to a company directory when they don’t know a specific extension number. You have the option to base the dial-by-name directory on either the first or last name of the employee.

VirtualPBX removes the administrative pain of setting up and maintaining the company directory by handling this activity automatically. To set up and automate the company directory, employees need to make sure that they record their own name to greet callers. Extensions with no recorded name will not be listed in the directory.

Day and Night Modes

You may want your phone system to act differently after business hours. With VirtualPBX, you have several after-hours call answering options, available at the click of a button:

  • Change the greeting callers hear, but leave the system fully active. Callers will know that business hours are over, but may still try to connect to an extension. With follow-me calling, answering options, and virtual voicemail each employee can decide if they want to continue to take calls or simply collect messages.
  • Change the greeting and send all calls to voicemail. When you receive a voicemail after hours, you may choose to receive an alert or the message itself as an email attachment.
  • Leave the system in full operation, or put it back when the office opens again.

Direct Inward Dial

Direct Inward Dial (DID) is a well-known PBX function that routes calls directly to an extension without going through the auto-attendant or playing a greeting. Typical virtual phone systems don’t have the ability to allow this function, but VirtualPBX isn’t a typical virtual phone system.

Music Jukebox

In addition to all of the advanced call answering features from VirtualPBX, music-on-hold also means lots of choices. You can select the music you want callers to hear from among over 60 different song titles in eight styles. Styles range from Rock & Roll to Country and Classical to Rhythm & Blues. Whether you want callers to hear Fleetwood Mac or Tchaikovsky, we can make it happen.

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