PBX Parachute Features

Get all the Features you Need in a Business Phone Continuity Solution

PBX Parachute is a robust, full-featured phone backup system that can duplicate most
or all of the functions of your existing phone system, making it a perfect match for telecommunications failover. PBX Parachute hardware is built with n+1 reliability in every component and has demonstrated over five nines of reliability in continued use for over three years. In itself, it is also a fault tolerant PBX with high reliability so it can be your main phone system for as long as it is needed. The service is based on our award-winning VirtualPBX service and incorporates all of that product’s features.


Employee Emergency Notification Hotline

In an emergency, nothing is more important than getting in touch with the people you care about. Whether your family is trying to find out if you’re ok or you want to check on the status of an employee; an employee emergency hotline is an important part of any good emergency preparedness plan. Disasters happen, both man-made and natural, and we need to be ready for them. Often the employee emergency hotline just needs to play messages to callers, stating the nature of the emergency and giving recovery instructions. For incoming business calls, PBX Parachute can be set up with emergency voice messaging for the company overall, departments, or each individual extension. PBX Parachute gives you an entire backup phone system, waiting in the wings for emergency use. It can be based on your existing company phone number, taking over automatically as part of a business continuity plan, or it can be set up a separate emergency number for use only when needed.

Emergency Hotline or Business Continuity Plan?

When you’ve guaranteed that your employees are safe, make sure that your business continues to function. While PBX Parachute can set up as an employee emergency hotline, it can also step in as your main phone system as part of a business continuity plan.


Custom Configuration and Scalability

You can customize PBX Parachute to work exactly the way you want to meet your business needs. For phone business continuity, you can configure it with all the right features, like a professional automated attendant greeting, custom routing options, ACD queuing, and more. Or you can set it up as an emergency hotline with live call forwarding or emergency messaging. You can also use it as a fault tolerant PBX for your entire company, a division, a branch, or it can protect just your most critical business functions. It can bridge multiple sites or handle each site separately.

Real-time, Online Management

The system is managed online through a secure web portal from any computer or device with Internet access. When web access is not possible, almost all functions can be managed by phone. Employees are able to manage their own extensions or can be administered by a systems manager. For phone business continuity applications, all phone system activity can be monitored online, in real time; watch phone calls come through the system, check to see which employees are taking calls, monitor activity in ACD queues, and run up-to-the minute reports that tell you what calls have been handled, missed or sent to voicemail.

Route Calls Anywhere

PBX Parachute includes follow-me calling for every extension, and calls can route to any type of phone, in any location. So your employees can enter cell phones, branch office phones, home phones, or other locations as contact points. And this can be done on the web or from any phone, so employees can tell the system where to reach them. The system will automatically try every number in the follow-me list until it gets through.