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Not that you aren’t exceptional at taking notes or anything, but you just wrapped up a support call with a very important client and you can’t remember which part number they said they needed replaced. Good thing the conversation was recorded with Inbound Call Recording and is immediately available following the call, right?

You bet it is! Just like the largest on-site legacy phone systems for business, Dash offers inbound call recording, but for a fraction of the cost. Never leave a support or customer service conversation to chance, improve training and overall quality of service, and achieve all regulatory compliance measure for industries that require telephone-recording records with ease. Plus, because Dash is all managed in the cloud, any administrator can toggle authority for an employee to have inbound call recording without having to wait for an engineer to set it up.

Inbound Call Recording allows users to record, store, replay, and manage inbound conversations with ease thanks to the robust Dash technology platform. By integrating our business telephone system with your email and hosted storage client, we can make sure that your conversations are securely organized exactly where you want and how you want.

Call Recording Storage and Pricing

We are proud to offer the ability to record calls and include free storage up to 1GB on all Dash and Dash Unlimited Plans. Because Dash utilizes Google’s Cloud to deliver fast and scalable storage, there are no limits on how many call recordings you may store or for how long you may store them. After 1GB of included storage, each additional gigabyte of storage costs $2 per month on both Dash and Dash Unlimited Plans.

Not sure how much storage space you will use? Call recordings on Dash are saved as MP3 files which makes them very small. MP3 files compress differently depending on the sounds being recorded, but are approximately 200-250KB per minute. Using that average, it would take 4000-5000 minutes of call recordings to reach 1GB. Each business has a unique rate at which they grow the amount of call recordings in storage – how often call recordings are deleted and how many extensions or departments enable call recording are both key factors.

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Please note that call recording in Dash does NOT provide any legal disclaimer when enabled by default. Customers wishing to use this feature should update their system greetings or ringback audio to comply with their local and state regulations or laws.

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