Auto Attendant

Great First Impression: Auto Attendant

Need to boost your image after you launch a big ad campaign? Let Auto Attendant be the enterprise grade customer greeting and air-traffic controller that will instantly tell all of your new prospects just how equipped you are.

Possibly one of the most powerful features for businesses, the Auto Attendant has gotten a complete overhaul and facelift in the all-new Dash. With simple, graphical, and intuitive options laid in front of you, Dash has made it so that anyone can feel like a telecommunications engineer. Good for companies that need to save costs by not having a dedicated receptionist and those who prefer the human gatekeeper alike, this tool lets companies choose how each call is routed under any circumstances.

If you want to have an introductory greeting then push callers to an extension prompt, you can do that. If you want to have a single individual’s phone ring immediately then default to an automated directory if he or she is unavailable, that’s fine, too. Or if you want to shoot all calls through a greeting message before directing to a general voicemail or disconnect, that’s your prerogative. The point is that no matter how you want your callers to be directed, you can design the call flow to whatever works best for your business. Did we mention that Dash has another Auto-Attendant to account for your Business Hours or Company Holidays? Yeah, Dash has you covered no matter what time of day it is.

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