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VirtualPBX Updates Affiliate Marketing Program With Impact

VirtualPBX Affiliate Program BannerVirtualPBX announced today that it will change the underlying structure of its Affiliate Marketing Program by moving to the Radius online partnership management software developed by Impact.

Using Impact’s Radius platform, VirtualPBX will improve the tracking of referrals to its Dash Business Phone Plans. Affiliates will gain the opportunity to track their commissions through the Radius dashboard and will benefit from an upgraded commission structure that awards as much as $1,500 per signup.

Rachel Anderson, the VP of Design and Marketing at VirtualPBX, spoke positively about how this partnership will affect affiliates.

“Affiliate programs are defined by the level of trust between affiliates and the companies they represent,” Anderson said. “We establish trust with our partners by effectively tracking their referrals and paying them on time, every time. Impact will improve our accuracy of tracking affiliate events while giving partners the ability to monitor their own activity through the Radius dashboard. No signups will slip through the cracks.”

Joining the VirtualPBX Affiliate Program is both simple and free. Prospective affiliates can visit the VirtualPBX site to sign up. Once a member, they just add links to Dash Plans on their own website. Then, if someone clicks the link and begins phone service with VirtualPBX, a payout is made to reward the affiliate for the referral.

Payouts follow a flat-rate structure that increases along the tier of Dash Plan an individual or business purchases. The referral of a 1-user Advanced plan, for instance, would merit a commission of $45. The referral of a 101-user Enterprise plan, however, would earn the affiliate $1,500. There’s also no limit to the number of sales an affiliate can make each month.

The Radius platform uses both cookie and non-cookie tracking methods to accurately detect affiliate activities. Although cookie blocking can disrupt traditional tracking of clicks, Radius’ advanced methods avoid that pitfall by capturing all activity involved with a link. When a Dash Plans link is clicked, both cookies and a digital fingerprint (not based on personally identifying information) are created to tie the affiliate to the click. VirtualPBX will have visibility into that process and can award payouts when sales result from those clicks.

VirtualPBX has enjoyed success with many of its long-time partners., a product research website, remarked both on the quality of the company and its affiliate program:

“We always loved working with VirtualPBX as a partner. They offer one of the best products available in the market when it comes to VoIP. They are always responsive and helpful. The customers we refer to them are always happy with the product.”

Likewise, partner remarked on the commissions it has received and the timely manner of its dealings with VirtualPBX:

“[This is] an affiliate program that not only pays a generous commission but is easy to use and one we can trust to pay on time.”

VirtualPBX wants to improve even further on these already-positive sentiments. More accurate tracking, quicker payments, and a better user experience will impact all current and new affiliates.

“This update to our Affiliate Program will have a huge effect on VirtualPBX and its partners,” Anderson concluded. “We hope the change will encourage more individuals to sign up and experience what we have to offer. And frankly it’s exciting to see our payout potential reach so high.”

About VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX was founded in San Francisco in 1997 and brought some of the first commercially available hosted PBX service to market for small business owners. Born from the advent of the hosted telecom industry and driven by the innovative vision of its founders, VirtualPBX continues to deliver leading edge telephony products for business. Backed by award-winning, local, in-house support teams, VirtualPBX offers an array of services including disaster recovery, network monitoring and optimization, and professional system management.

VirtualPBX Contact:
Rachel Anderson, Vice President of Design & Marketing
888.825.0800 Ext. 339
Rachel.Anderson [at]

About Impact

Impact develops online software that helps businesses track their partnerships and manage their marketing goals. Its options include Radius, for handling affiliate marketing programs, and additional platforms for simplifying business development, fraud protection, influencer programs, and analytics.

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