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VirtualPBX Releases ACD Queues Pro Feature for Management of Large Call Teams

VirtualPBX has announced the release of ACD Queues Pro, a new feature of the VirtualPBX Business Phone System designed to help expansive businesses manage large teams both on-site and remotely.

ACD Queues Pro builds upon the functionality of the existing ACD Queues feature by offering capabilities like Whisper and Barge, Hold Treatment options for inbound callers, advanced Call Routing to agents, Call Recording within queues, Performance Reports, and Activity Logging with downloadable reports.

“ACD Queues Pro drives advancements in our Business Phone System that will assist businesses with large call volumes,” said VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker. “We’re all excited to see this feature put into place. It’s one more step in the direction of giving our clients greater control over their inbound calls.

“Now clients have the options of Ring Groups, ACD Queues, and the new ACD Queues Pro for various levels of call routing complexity. It’s fantastic to see this put into place when so many companies are looking for full-featured, powerful call routing options that work directly alongside their base phone plans.”

Whisper and Barge features in ACD Queues Pro allow managers to coach agents and join active calls. When Whispering, managers can speak to an agent who is currently live in a call, but without the inbound caller able to hear the conversation. Barging gives managers the ability create a full 3-way call where both the agent and inbound caller can hear all other members of the conversation.

Hold Treatment options for queues lets administrators design the experience that inbound callers will enter when they’re waiting for an agent to answer the call. A queue could be set to announce the caller’s expected wait time and queue position before playing a few minutes of hold music. It can then repeat those actions to keep callers informed throughout their wait.

Advanced Call Routing options include the strategies Most Idle, Least Calls Handled, Least Offers Made, and Round Robin to suit the needs of any business. A random assignment of calls can be more fair while a prescribed assignment can target specific agents, for example, for training purposes.

Available Call Recording within queues can further enhance training methods for businesses that use ACD Queues Pro. Call Recording can be assigned to automatically capture inbound and outbound traffic on a per-agent level.

Performance Reports let you see the live activity for a session, including information about an agent’s time set as Ready, Away, In a Call, and in Recovery. Managers can quickly view agent performance in separate queues and display the performance of multiple agents side by side.

ACD Queues Pro Agent Performance

Activity Logging is also active for every user in each queue. The dashboard of the Activity Log can filter by agent, type of activity, and phone number to get an accurate picture of recent queue actions. Logs are also downloadable for viewing in external software. This makes an excellent compliment to the Call Reports feature that offers VirtualPBX Phone System users access to a complete history of calls and can filter reports by dozens of criteria.

ACD Queues Pro will make a perfect fit at larger organizations that process many inbound and outbound calls. Call centers, campaign headquarters, and distributed customer support teams, just to name a few, will find the power of this new feature a perfect fit for their goals.

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