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Virtual PBX® Reports Fourth Consecutive Year Of Over 50% Revenue Growth


Virtual PBX® Reports Fourth Consecutive Year Of Over 50% Revenue Growth

new records set for revenue, profitability, and customer acquisition

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (February 27, 2006) – VirtualPBX, inventors of the first hosted PBX service, today announced its fourth successive year of increased revenue, profitability and new customer signups, and its 12th uninterrupted quarter of revenue growth. For the fourth quarter of 2005, sales revenue increased by 59% over the same period in 2004, while the rate of new client setups rose 102%. For the year, revenue increased by 57% over the previous year, while new client setups increased by 97% over those in 2004. This marks the fourth year in a row of over 50% revenue growth for the company.

“As this market continues to heat up and attract more entrants, we are growing at an ever faster rate, largely due to our technology leadership and customer satisfaction,” said Greg Brashier, vice president of marketing at Virtual PBX. “Our customers love the functionality we provide – I’ve got the happiest, most satisfied clients I’ve ever had in over 25 years in industry. Meanwhile, we’re growing rapidly so we can keep adding more capabilities to our service and giving our customers more. It’s a true win-win.”

An example of this satisfaction comes from customer Bob Werrbach of First Interview Company, a worldwide recruiter of sales and marketing executives “Our 28 year old company has used a number of communications technologies, including VoIP, all of which had problems we could not overcome and most had significant upfront expense. We’ve now moved all of our telephony to Virtual PBX. It’s amazingly easy to use, and extremely flexible. Employees move back and forth between office, home, and cell phones and we never lose a call. We have also seen cost savings of over 30%, which will only increase when the lease runs out on the last of our unused legacy phone hardware.”

Virtual PBX is a “dot com” success story. After introducing the first hosted PBX service in 1997, delivering PBX call routing over standard phone lines with management over the Internet, the company survived the economic downturn that accompanied the demise of many new dot com businesses. As the market recovered, the firm brought in strong new management and implemented fresh strategies for growth and technological advancement. These factors, along with the market’s trend toward a more distributed and mobile workforce, helped fuel the company’s robust growth.

feature-rich hosted pbx leverages standard phone lines

The target market for Virtual PBX products ranges from the very small, startup company to medium-sized businesses. Virtual PBX offers PBX capability as a service, without the need for clients to buy premise-based hardware or software. Incoming calls to these clients go through Virtual PBX’s feature-rich system and then are sent to client phones of any type, in any location. This approach eliminates the cost and difficulty of installing and maintaining a phone system, so new startups and companies that have outgrown their existing equipment make up a large part of the installed base at Virtual PBX. Clients get the top-level features of a high-end phone system at a small fraction of the cost of acquiring a premise-based system. Another major advantage of the VirtualPBX Service is the ability to route calls anywhere. While hardware phone systems require a physical connection between the PBX system and business phones, Virtual PBX clients can connect employees in widely separated locations, enabling distributed workforces and virtual offices. There is no requirement for a network connection either, as the service works on standard phone lines and cellular phones, as well as VoIP phones.

about virtual pbx

Virtual PBX® pioneered the hosted PBX market, introducing the first service of its class in 1997. Virtual PBX utilizes the public switched telephone network and the internet to provide PBX functionality as a hosted service. The three primary customers for Virtual PBX services include small businesses that want full PBX functionality without the capital and support expense of installed equipment; companies of any size that need to route calls to telecommuters or other employees outside of a main office; and enterprises looking for phone system disaster recovery solutions. Additional information about Virtual PBX can be found at or by calling 888-825-0800.

# # #®, Virtual PBX®, and VirtualPBX® are registered trademark, Inc.

Media Contacts:

Kerry Swanson
Dovetail Public Relations
(408) 395-3600
[email protected]

Greg Brashier
VP of Marketing, Inc.
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