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Virtual PBX® Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Virtual PBX® Celebrates 10th Anniversary

hosted phone system leader announces another year of record revenue and profitability

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (April 2, 2007) – VirtualPBX, original inventor and market creator of the hosted PBX market, today announced that it has completed its 10th year of operation. The company also announced another record year for revenue, profitability, and customer acquisition. Sales in 2006 grew by 50 percent over 2005, the firm’s fifth consecutive year of 50 percent or better revenue growth. The company said that profitability and new client signups also were at record levels.

“It’s great being the oldest, most stable, and most experienced player in our sector,” said Paul Hammond, CEO of Virtual PBX. “Clients come to us looking for, and getting, the reliability and security that only come with years of outstanding service. We believe that our 10 years of ongoing development have allowed us to build the most reliable and feature-rich hosted PBX service available anywhere.”

Thomas Li, Co-Founder of Bravosoft, developers of the popular Bravo business and accounting software packages, concurs. “We’ve been a Virtual PBX client for almost nine years,” he said. “I can think of no better testament to any company than that we continue to be an extremely happy client after all those years – we’ve never seen the service go down. They make frequent improvements, staying on the leading edge, and we don’t have to upgrade or maintain any hardware or software at our end, we just get the benefits.”

Virtual PBX is one of those “started in a garage” success stories, except this one started in a basement apartment in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. The company now hosts its service in a hardened facility that is part of the national infrastructure and has banks of redundant PBX systems ganged together for reliability. “What a difference the years have made,” says founder and current CTO Steve Lange, “We had wires running everywhere through the apartment, and a backup generator outside that we had to sound-proof so the neighbors wouldn’t complain. Now our facility has multiple massive backup generators, and optical fiber coming down both side of the street. You need to pass a handprint scan just to get past the lobby.”

hosted pbx services

Before Virtual PBX, companies installed PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hardware, allowing calls to be routed to multiple extensions from one or more incoming phone lines and provided services such as voicemail, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) queuing, and transfers between extensions. This always involved the installation, cost, and support of complex hardware and wiring schemes. With the invention of the hosted PBX, Virtual PBX made it possible for clients to get these features as a service, with no capital expense, no hardware, no software, and no maintenance. Calls are delivered to any phone in any location, so employees can work together in a standard office environment, or remotely from branch offices, homes, or cell phones. The low entry cost, easy startup, and ability to route calls anywhere have made the technology very popular with small businesses and startups.

“This is the perfect solution for any businesses,” says Joseph Neeley, President of Maricor Financial, a premiere mortgage investment broker and another nine-year client of Virtual PBX. “The features rival the most expensive PBX systems on the market, and yet it is affordable on a small business budget. We absolutely love this low cost, high quality phone system, as well as the great features that Virtual PBX keeps bringing out. This is an outstanding service, and we couldn’t be happier.”

about virtual pbx

Virtual PBX® pioneered the hosted PBX market, introducing the first service of its class in 1997. Virtual PBX utilizes the public switched telephone network and the internet to provide PBX functionality as a hosted service. The three primary customers for Virtual PBX services include small businesses that want full PBX functionality without the capital and support expense of installed equipment; companies of any size that need to route calls to telecommuters or other employees outside of a main office; and enterprises looking for phone system disaster recovery solutions. Additional information about Virtual PBX can be found at or by calling 888-825-0800.

# # #®, Virtual PBX®, and VirtualPBX® are registered trademark, Inc.

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