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Virtual PBX® Announces New SOHO and Enterprise Offerings


Virtual PBX® Announces New SOHO and Enterprise Offerings

new services broaden appeal at both ends of the market and reduce costs by as much as 75%

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (December 13, 2004) – Virtual PBX®, the leading supplier of hosted PBX services to small- and medium-sized businesses, today announced two major new versions of its VirtualPBX Service, broadening the company’s offerings and extending its market reach. VirtualPBX SOHO Service dramatically reduces entry and ongoing costs for companies of three people or less, while VirtualPBX Corporate Service makes it easier and less expensive for Enterprise administrators to take advantage of the company’s award-winning hosted PBX services.

“With our SOHO Service, we’re giving even the smallest companies the call handling capabilities of the largest enterprises in the world at an affordable price,” said Paul Hammond, CEO of Virtual PBX. “We’re essentially letting small businesses utilize hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of PBX equipment for a cost of less than $4 per month per employee. At the same time, we’re reaching out to larger companies with a more cost-effective service that is easier to set up and use.”

The new offerings fill out an end-to-end solution that began with the company’s VirtualPBX Small Business Service. Hammond indicated that the majority of the company’s current business is done with firms having 5 to 50 employees, and that he expects the new offerings will add to the appeal of the company’s services for both smaller and larger businesses.

virtualpbx soho service

VirtualPBX SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Service is targeted at companies with three business people or less. It has a monthly service fee of $9.99, a 72% reduction from the cost of the current product for a business with three employees. Setup fees are also reduced, by 75%. Prime candidates for this type of service are startups and other small companies that want to establish a strong central business presence but have little capital available for purchasing PBX equipment or want to integrate employees that work from different locations. The new service includes most of the features of the existing product, and allows upgrades for other items.

“Small companies often don’t have the money to spend for PBX equipment,” said Greg Brashier, VP of Marketing at Virtual PBX. “Our service requires no equipment purchase and no ongoing support costs. At the same time, we can route calls to any location, so SOHO employees can work from an office, their homes, or while on the road, something not possible with low-end PBX hardware.”

virtualpbx corporate service

VirtualPBX Corporate Service offers price advantages to larger companies in the SMB and Enterprise markets, while including several extra-cost features at no additional charge. The Service is intended for companies with a minimum of 25 employees, and reduces monthly per-person costs by 25% when compared with VirtualPBX Small Business Service. Typical clients are expected to choose this service over standard hardware PBX or VoIP PBX equipment due to lower startup and support costs and the ability to route calls to any type of phone, in any location.

“VoIP is coming,” said Brashier, “but we’ve got full-featured PBX functionality that works now. Our customers don’t have to worry about firewalls, security, or new terminology, and we can route calls to land-lines or cellular phones, as well as VoIP phones.”

about virtual pbx

Virtual®, Inc., pioneered the hosted PBX market, introducing the first service of this class in 1997. Virtual PBX utilizes the public switched telephone network and the internet to provide PBX functionality as a hosted service. The three primary uses for Virtual PBX services are: small businesses that want full PBX functionality without the capital and support expense of installed equipment; companies of any size that need to route calls to telecommuters or other employees outside of a main office; and enterprises looking for phone system disaster recovery solutions. Additional information about, Inc., can be found at or by calling 888-825-0800.

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