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VirtualPBX Partners with 2600Hz for Gold Sponsorship of KazooCon 2016

KazooCon 2016VirtualPBX provides irreplaceable support to brand agnostic hosted telecom industry event

San Jose, California, September 22, 2016 — KazooCon 2016 has almost arrived and when the leaders of the hosted telecom industry descend on San Francisco this October 17 and 18, they will once again do so thanks in part to the support of VirtualPBX. Long time partners with 2600Hz on projects that have spanned years, VirtualPBX will be lending its support to their technological partner for this latest iteration of KazooCon.

“Our relationship with 2600Hz and their Kazoo platform, in particular, have always been integral to us developing products that push our boundaries,” said Daniel Ruiz, VirtualPBX’s Vice President of DevOps. “For us to get to be equally integral to one of 2600Hz’s biggest projects each year is a real pleasure,” he continued.

Indeed, mush of the technology that drives industry-leading VoIP platforms across the world are in some way linked to 2600Hz, and the award-winning Dash and Dash Unlimited platforms are no exceptions. Delivering reliable technology to developers around the globe is only one part of the KazooCon 2016 experience, however, because as the saying goes, it takes a village.

This year’s event will host concurrent breakout workshops for engineers and the business people who grow and market the products that come great technologies like Kazoo. These are a response to the growth that KazooCon has seen over the past several years with business communities outside of the traditional engineering field.

“I think it’s great to see so many business people from operation, sales, and marketing in attendance because having this type of cross-pollination of specialties will only help everyone understand what the other is doing, and then I suspect everyone’s work will improve,” said Ruiz, “That’s how we do it at VirtualPBX, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

For more information about KazooCon 2016 and to purchase tickets, visit KazooCon 2016

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