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Local Numbers in Silicon Valley With VirtualPBX

You May Not Score Angel Investor Funding… But You Will Score a Premium Phone Plan!

We know that having a local presence here is more than just an address, what area code a business has actually says a lot about the type of environment, and therefore the type of company, a business operates in. Let your clients know where you are.

Local Numbers in Silicon Valley

A Local Phone Number is Just the Beginning

As a bootstrapped business in Silicon Valley ourselves, we understand the importance of establishing your presence amongst the big dogs.

Whether you want a 415 local business number in the heart of San Francisco, a 650 area code on the peninsula, 408 area code for San Jose, or 510 for the East Bay, VirtualPBX has you covered. However, as this area continues to grow, there are new area codes popping up on all sides of the Bay Area, which is why owning one of these mainstay area codes is increasingly a sign of credibility and stability in the typically turbulent Silicon Valley ecosystem. Did your business just get that angel investor funding? With VirtualPBX, you can scale up or down in a matter of minutes with features like:

More Than a Local Number in Silicon Valley: Get the Best in Business Communications

Do you already have an established phone number but want to make the switch to VoIP? We can port your existing number easily! VirtualPBX also offers a library of international number to scale your business outside of the United States. Get started today by speaking with a VoIP Specialist.

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“Local” includes the United States of America (50 states including Alaska and Hawaii as well as Puerto Rico), Canada, and Mexico.

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The VirtualText App brings the ease, convenience, and increased engagement of texting into your business. Send out appointment reminders, confirm orders, and manage curbside delivery right from your main business number with this business phone app.