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1:1 Video Calling And Video Conferencing

Is your business still paying for a separate video service? Get HD voice, video, and SMS from VirtualPBX and talk to co-workers, partners, customers, and more.

Video conferencing has quickly become an integral tool in business communications – with more employees working remotely than ever, the need is only increasing. With VirtualPBX, you can now enjoy 1-1 and group video calls when you can’t meet with your colleagues in person on a variety of devices.

video conferencing

The Best Video Conferencing For Small Business on Your Favorite Devices

Businesses use video conferencing as a means of communication to connect people from different locations in real-time. This allows companies to conduct virtual meetings, interviews, and presentations without the need for travel. This not only saves time and money but also allows businesses to easily connect with clients, partners, and remote employees from anywhere in the world. Video conferencing also promotes collaboration and team building among employees by providing a platform for face-to-face communication and the sharing of ideas. Overall, video conferencing has become an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations and stay connected in an increasingly globalized world.

You can enjoy Video on VoIP devices you already use, especially if you are already a VirtualPBX customer as all VirtualPBX phone numbers already come equipped with this new feature. Take a look at the current clients that are capable of handling Video Calls and Conferences:

  • VirtualPBX Softphone App for Android and iOS
  • VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone
  • Video-Enabled VoIP Desk Phones like the Yealink T58V and VP59 Models
  • Linphone 3rd party softphone
  • Bria 3rd party softphone
Video Conferencing Phone Compatibility: Best VoIP Phones for Small Business

Get Started with Video Conferencing and more features from VirtualPBX!

With VirtualPBX, you get more than just video. Our advanced voice, video, and SMS VoIP features and award-winning interface have made us the go-to choice for cloud-hosted business phone systems.

This feature is available on our Pro and Ultra Plans.