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Dash Business Phone System Interface

Call Routing

Be Everywhere With Call Routing By VirtualPBX

Employees can work from anywhere with VirtualPBX. Callers still dial the main number, they still hear your business's custom greeting, and they still dial the same extension number or ACD queue, no matter where you are. The call is then routed to the phone number that the employee designated.

Powerful Call Routing Features

  • Follow-Me Calling – Individual Call Routing: Create a list of phone numbers where you can be reached to use follow-me calling. This might include the number of the phone at their desk, their home office, or their cellular phone.
  • Phone-Type Freedom: Calls can be connected to any type of phone, over any kind of transport. Landlines, cellular phones, satellite phones, Voice-Over-IP (VoIP)—if you can receive standard telephone calls, we can reach you.
  • Advanced Transfers: With VirtualPBX’s call routing and business call forwarding services, you can transfer callers anywhere in the system. Therefore, you can transfer calls to another employee, to the operator, to an ACD queue, or to an outside number. You can even drop calls to your voicemail!
  • Mail-Only Extensions: Mail-only extensions give callers a specialized pre-recorded message without anyone answering the phone. For example, you might have a mail-only extension that callers can reach to get company business hours or driving directions. These reduced-cost extensions can also take voicemail messages.

Follow MeGet Started Today With Call Routing And More By VirtualPBX

With Call Routing from VirtualPBX, you never have to miss an important call because you’re on the road. We can reach you in any location there is a phone, tablet, or computer.

In-house PBX systems are not only expensive and difficult to maintain, but also they have limited connection capabilities. With premises equipment, connecting with outside employees or branch offices is either very expensive or impossible. Going virtual and utilizing call routing increases your options while reducing your costs.

To get started, request a free quote by filling out the form below. From there, a VirtualPBX specialist will walk you through all the available features that come along with Call Routing and how to sign up!