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Business Voicemail

Voicemail plays an essential role in business operations. It captures all the missed communications from your customers so your employees and departments can respond to them quickly.

Our Unlimited Minutes Plans give you full control over your Voicemail:

  • Assign a Voicemail box for every user and group on your plan
  • Receive notifications through email and phone
  • Record custom messages to address your callers

Business Voicemail Options

VirtualPBX provides every extension owner in your company with custom routing. If the employee isn’t available, the call will go to the personalized business voicemail. Similarly, you can set up voicemail boxes for departments or your company as a whole. 

Every VirtualPBX user can access their business voicemail messages through several different methods – over the phone, over the internet, and/or an email. With email, we can simply notify you that a message exists, or we can actually send you the message itself as an attachment to the email. We will even include a text transcript of your voicemail messages!

Trying to send your voicemails someplace specific? Automate the sending of your voicemails with Amazon AWS, Zapier, Webhooks, API and more integration options.

5 ways to check voicemail

Create Your Business Voicemail Box

Many of our users don’t need calls routed to their phone, they just want a good virtual voicemail system. We can do that, too. Just set up your VirtualPBX account with multiple voicemail boxes for each user or purpose you need. Furthermore, we can route calls directly to voicemail, without ringing a phone first. When your company needs a superior business voicemail system, give us a call. We can help! We’ve been delivering professional hosted PBX solutions since 1997 and as a result, we offer experience you can trust.