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Business Voicemail Service

Business VoicemailCompanies that use telephones to communicate with clients, suppliers, or employers also need business voicemail. Some very small startups use personal phones (cellular and home phones) to answer business calls, but they still need to sound professional when a client leaves a message. And wouldn’t it be great if every business voicemail user could retrieve messages from the phone, on the internet, or even in their own email? With Virtual PBX, these things and more are realities!

Making Business Voicemail Personal

VirtualPBX provides every extension owner in your company with custom routing to up to 4 different phone numbers. If the employee isn’t available at any of these numbers, the call will go to the personalized business voicemail account for that employee as a result. In this way, each employee can have a business greeting for callers. Even if the call goes to a phone that already has personal voicemail, we can make sure your business calls only go to your business voicemail system. People that call the employee’s number directly get personal greetings, those that go through VirtualPBX get a business greeting.

In addition, every VirtualPBX user can access their business voicemail messages through several different methods – over the phone, over the internet, and/or in email. With email, we can simply notify you that a message exists, or we can actually send you the message itself as a .WAV file attachment to the email.

When All You Need is Voicemail

Many of our users don’t need calls routed to their phone, they just want a good virtual voicemail system. We can do that, too. Just set up your VirtualPBX account with multiple voicemail boxes for each user or purpose you need. Furthermore, we can route calls directly to voicemail, without ringing a phone first.

When your company needs a superior business voicemail system, give us a call. We can help! We’ve been delivering professional hosted PBX solutions since 1997, and as a result offer experience you can trust. Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications: