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Thought Leadership – Text Alerts For Businesses

Holiday Toolkit Business Texting

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Thought Leadership – Text Alerts For Businesses

Thought Leadership With Linh England, Customer Service and Texting Expert

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we have major tips for text alerts for businesses. Texting is one of the easiest ways to alert your customers of any Holiday events, closures, wait times, or appointments. There is no need for businesses to be afraid of text messaging. In fact, 85% of consumers prefer to receive a text message from businesses.

In order to bring you the best texting advice this holiday season, we talked to our very own texting extraordinaire – Linh England. Linh shares a wealth of text messaging knowledge with customers every day, so we would like to pass on that knowledge to you.

Holiday Toolkit Business Texting

5 ways to alert your customers with Texts

1. Create holiday away messages using auto-reply
text alerts for businesses allows you to create canned responses as away messages when you’re going to be out of the office or busy. This notifies your customers about your holiday closures and provides additional resources for their convenience. In addition, you can offer your customers a list of keywords like “hours” to get office hours, or “sales” to get information about signing up.

2. Build your texting subscriber list rapidly
Holiday list building has been made easy with texting. Companies can use email, banners, or social media to allow customers to opt into their subscriber list quickly. You could say, ”Want to be part of our texting list? Text us the word “JOIN” to receive our latest offers and promotions”.

3. Run flash sales promotion using text alerts for businesses
Whether you have a small mom-and-pop retail store or an eCommerce store, you can use texting to inform your customers of flash sales. To initiate a flash promotion, you can simply tell your customers to text the word “Holiday” to receive a link to signup or receive a promo code.

Holiday Toolkit Texting.png

4. Streamline Order Pickup with texting
Text alerts for businesses make doing business easier during the holidays. Similar to how big box stores offer contactless order pickup, small businesses can offer their customers the same convenience. Our texting application allows you to have 1-1 conversations to coordinate order pickup without clogging your phone lines. It’s quick, easy, and completely streamlined.

5. Appointment booking and confirmation texts
The holidays are a hectic time of year, therefore communication is the key to your customer’s hearts. VirtualPBX makes appointment booking and scheduling easier than ever before. When your customers sign up for service, you can request their mobile number. Upon booking completion, your customers can receive a purchase confirmation text if they opt into text messaging.

Text Alerts And More!

Text Alerts For Businesses is the quickest and easiest way to alert your customers of Holiday events, closures, and appointments. What’s even more impressive is when you complement your texting application with a business phone system. Seasonal businesses in particular can save up to 80% with a VirtualPBX Pro or Premier plan. Instead of having multiple accounts for your seasonal businesses, you can leverage our multiple auto attendant feature to consolidate all of your businesses into one account. Happy holidays!

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