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Hello Premier Plan

Premier Plan

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Hello Premier Plan

New Plan Name ImageWhat is in a name? Shakespeare asked that question in Romeo and Juliet, claiming that the meaning of a name doesn’t change the essence of its impact. True, he was talking about forbidden love, but it makes a lot of sense. Because at VirtualPBX, we are shaking things up a bit. Don’t worry, no tragic endings here as we wax poetic justice. But as every red carpet event shows us, everyone needs a good premier plan.

On Your Mark, Get Set

And go! We mean it. Today we unveil the “new” Premier Plan, formerly the Custom Plan. It still includes a robust set of advanced features and 2,500 Toll-Free Minutes. We are talking a personalized touch befitting companies that want to shoot for the stars in groundbreaking benefits that ensure success.

Why the Name Change?

When creating the new 2022 Business Phone Plans, we realized Flex and Pro rolled off the tongue, but Custom just felt ho-hum. The exciting ability to personalize and strategize in our Custom Plan needed to come across better. Beyond its customizable nature, this plan contains dynamic features that allow for personalized business needs. It had to convey what VirtualPBX can deliver to our clients to bring that success to their customers. Then it hit us like a ton of bricks—the VirtualPBX Premier Plan, customized and caring all in one perfect package.

Plan Prices

Premier Plan Fun

The experience of the Premier Plan is like no other and is the perfect product service for enterprises, call centers, and call flows. Imagine the boost of Dynamic Caller ID or Custom Call Flows, a perk that allows users to route calls by a caller’s area code. Enjoy VirtualPBX Data Storage with AWS and the limitless options available through our Zapier Integration. Want Call Recording? Guess what? You get Call Recording.

And lest we forget, our plans come with 24/7 customer support at your beck and call (see what we did there). At VirtualPBX, we are pumped for customers to join this journey. Your successes are our successes, and we look forward to adding this milestone to the board. If Premier Plan is right for you, contact our sales department for that free demo. Trust us. It is a treasure trove of business phone plan gold.

And in the immortal words of Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

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