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Final Call – After Hours Answering Service

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Final Call – After Hours Answering Service

final call after hours answering serviceRecently a lawmaker in California proposed the idea of allowing bars and restaurants to extend final call from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM. We don’t really view ourselves as experts on the merits of a longer window for alcohol sales, but we sure do know about late nights. We have customers all over the world and, as a result, we operate in a 24-hour business cycle. That’s why introducing our After Hours Answering Service has been a natural step in the progression of our products and services.

After Hours Answering Service Means NO Final Call!

When you have a 24-hour business day, you need to hedge your resources to keep coverage up around the clock. Sometimes, though, that isn’t a viable option in spite of what your requirements are. We have lots of customers who find themselves in this situation from time to time. Whether headcount changes create vacancies in your workday or if your business simply grows faster than you can accommodate it, customers in need are equally high priorities no matter where in the day or night they arise. With a VirtualPBX Professional Answering Services, you get access to as large of a team of trained, scalable, professional, and highly screened experienced receptionists as you need. Plus, this cost-effective method of keeping the lines open 24 hours a day is the fastest way to have a fully dedicated call center staff without any of the training or time commitments of starting your own. With us handling the overnight crowd on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about when to determine where “final call” comes around in your office ever again.

Professional Services For Your Whole Business

We have had such a good reception to our new After Hours Answering Service for a lot of reasons. Not the slightest of which is the caliber of our team of professional receptionists who meet both our customers’ and our own exacting standards. Another reason that we had such a smooth integration of After Hours Answering Services into our offerings was that managing communications services for our clients is such an enormous portion of what we do. Because the majority of the industry recognition that we get is for our own proprietary technology, our robust Professional Services often are spared the limelight. Truth be told, though, we invest as much time and attention into building out the systems that not only provide expert after hours answering services, but also brand agnostic VoIP remediation, network optimization, and emergency failover services.

So the next time you find yourself at the office late into the night and wonder if you can get home or to dinner with some coworkers before final call, remember that VirtualPBX has the solution. Never close your office, or simply improve productivity with an enhanced network all through VirtualPBX Professional Services and you’ll also never have to miss another final call again, either. No matter how late or early it happens to be!

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