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Fantasy Football, Golf, Hiking, and a VirtualPBX Labor Day

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Fantasy Football, Golf, Hiking, and a VirtualPBX Labor Day

labor day mt shastaDid you get out for the long Labor Day Weekend? I know that plenty of us in the VirtualPBX ecosystem found ways to get out of town, even if just for a little bit, to make the most of the extra time to get away. Seeing as how we have a global footprint, some of our team members went for long golf weekends, some of us made some day trips to weddings or nearby beaches, and others still donned crampons and ice axes for a summit of Mount Shasta. Needless to say, the ways that we chose to enjoy the weekend were as varied as we are as teammates. One thing that remained fairly consistent, however, is that most of our vacation and staycation plans were aided directly by the use of our very own Dash hosted telephone system and the flexibility it provides us on a daily basis. Here’s a look at how some of our weekends went thanks to VoIP.

Enjoying the Fruits of our Labor Day

No matter what diversions anyone chooses to participate in, we each benefit in some way by the fact that we can get a jump on the activity thanks to the flexibility of VoIP. Looking down the line of these examples it becomes very clear that even a little bit of extra time and maneuverability can go a long way to maximizing your time off.

  • Fantasy Football Live Drafts If you are anything like me, you don’t any reminder that the NFL regular season begins on September 7. However, for those who aren’t aware (or don’t care, I don’t judge), then you wouldn’t know that fantasy football teams are being assembled, too. Our resident football and telecom engineering expert, Jay Beck, got his whole league together via hosted telephony to do some live drafting of teams. Being able to coordinate the schedules of a dozen people is much easier when they can all meet up from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Trips to Golfing Meccas When one of our sales leaders planned a trip to be with family for an annual visit to the links in Florida, he knew he’d need to be connected to work a little bit while he was away. Thanks to Dash and the VirtualPBX Softphone App, staying on a secured and mobile work line is easy. Of course, seeing as how our Atlantic coast may be in the path of another big storm, getting prepared for storms to hit your business is an important topic for him to discuss on the course right now, too.
  • Beat Traffic On Your Next Trip The picture above is of Mt. Shasta, the over 14,000 foot tall volcanic mountain in the northern cascades of California. Being a long and busy weekend for outdoor activities exactly in that part of the state, if I hadn’t had the flexibility to get an hour outside of town and work remotely sometime during the day on Friday, getting the chance to summit the peak at a safe and leisurely pace might not have been an option. Of course, thanks to Dash (and an accommodating company policy on remote work!), that wasn’t a problem!

Where Did Your Weekend Take You?

Did you get to do anything fun or different this Labor Day Weekend? Or did you even add onto the three days off with some PTO, too? If you did, or even if you just wanted to but maybe the plans didn’t pan out, where would your ideal long weekend take you? Make sure to let us know on Twitter or Facebook. Also, make sure to tell us what you would’ve done differently if you, too, could have used Dash to extend your playtime a little bit. Maybe you’ll even see a good idea or two for you to use on your next big adventure!

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