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Temporary Business Phone Service From the Cloud

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Temporary Business Phone Service From the Cloud

Temporary Business PhoneWe’re a global company with workers who collaborate from literally all over the world. We like it that way and that’s just one of the reasons that we pour so much of ourselves into developing the best and most reliable cloud phone systems. Plus, when you have workers who play a pivotal role on a variety of teams who hail from different corners of the earth, you have to ensure that the barriers to entry for using such a phone system are few, and really quite low. We’ve accomplished that with our award-winning Dash Plans, and our global community can continue collaborating and working together with ease. However, today’s blog is about something far more local than that. In spite of our global footprint, we have a few office locations like our HQ here in San Jose, California, where a concentration of our team lives. And not unlike many of the areas in Silicon Valley that are experiencing increases in growth and development, our business community here is growing like a weed. Our building, in particular, has seen a spike of activity as it undergoes a complete renovation. During this construction, we’ve had occasion to meet many new arriving and transitional companies to our address, many of which have been in need of temporary phone service during or immediately following their move. If you can’t see where this is going yet, let me clue you in on the fact that we happen to know some folks who specialized in permanent or temporary business phone service, all powered by the cutting edge in cloud technologies.

Temporary Business Phone Service in the Blink of an Eye

Probably the biggest driver in what motivates some companies to seek out a temporary business phone system isn’t lack of technology or in-house resources. Rather than needing the right people in place to assemble and configure a cloud phone system, these companies need to have more time to do that. Unsurprisingly, time is the most valuable resource for most organizations, and because we built Dash to be up and running in only minutes from the time a business signs up, the gap between when a company moves and when their phones are ringing in their new office is virtually nonexistent. Plus, because Dash has more features than are typically associated with a traditional business phone system like Follow Me Calling that will ring a series of numbers that help to track down employees no matter if you’re unpacking into your new space or picking up pizza for the movers. A side note should be that, regardless of the composition of a moving team, pizza is never a bad idea. Additionally, no matter how long it takes to get settled into a new office, your customers should never have to wait to get in touch.

Keep Temporary Circumstances from Becoming Permanent Problems

A periodic inconvenience of relocating or displacing due to renovations can be a hassle, for sure. But without proper telephone service continuation, that temporary inconvenience can balloon into a long-term loss of income. Establishing simple, effective, affordable, and most importantly fast continuations of all of your communications with a cloud-based temporary business phone system from VirtualPBX will ensure that everything will go smoothly as you endure a move. Even if your coworker forgets to bubble wrap the office coffee mugs. Dang it, Johnson…

No matter when you tackle the task of schlepping everything into your new digs and begin to settle in and make the new space your own, we’ll be there for you. Our dedicated 24/7 Support Team is widely recognized in the industry as one of the best, and they’re included with every Dash Plan, too. You never know, you may find out that saving money on your temporary business phone system and getting a whole bunch more out of it in the process is actually a good long-term play for your company, too. And with reliability and operational up-time that leads the industry, too, you really can’t go wrong with a new Dash Plan. Give us a call today to see how we can get you set-up with a temporary business phone service or with a permanent solution today, because we know how much it helps to have a hand during a move.

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