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Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Office Plan Redesign

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Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Office Plan Redesign

James BrownWho doesn’t love some good old James Brown, right? The Godfather of Soul is an appropriate place to start with this blog today because VirtualPBX Office Plans are kind of like the Godfather of VoIP, too. And much like James Brown’s new bag, the VirtualPBX Office Plan redesign is something worth singing about, too.

Office Plan Redesign from the Bottom Up

All New vConsoleRight off the bat, you’ll see that the new look and feel of the updated vConsole seems familiar. It should because the award-winning interface of Dash, and Dash Unlimited were definitely part of the inspiration for this massive overhaul. What made the Office Plan redesign challenging was that, unlike Dash and Dash Unlimited which we created from scratch, Office Plans have already been built to suit the needs of our customers who are currently using them. This meant that we had to work carefully to include, and in many instances improve upon, all of the functionality of the platform that thousands of organizations rely on each day.

Change Isn’t Always Easy

Since working to shape the development of the Office Plan redesign, it has become immediately clear that usability and satisfaction spike way up shortly after users familiarize themselves with the new system. This has been a terrific and desired outcome, obviously. That said, some users will still prefer to stay with their tried-and-true vConsole interface. For them, we have the perfect solution! During this open beta testing period of the new Office Plan redesign, we built in a nifty toggle feature. Simply open up the vConsole as you normally would, and at the top of the screen you’ll see a banner welcoming you to try the new interface.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

vConsole Toggle OptionWhile the option is totally all yours to stay on the vConsole or try the new Office Plan redesign, I enthusiastically encourage you to give it a shot. The praise and positive feedback that we’ve received should convince you that it’s worth at least a few minutes. Plus, seeing as how you’ll be able to toggle back and forth for a while, you aren’t immediately painted into one or the other just yet, either. Sure, we plan to eventually make a total update to Office Plans permanent, but this is just the beta period, and so you can actually have a decisive impact on the final look of the finshed product.

Be Part of the Team

Want to know what else is coming down the line from our dedicated and talented engineering team? Look no further than the updated, public-facing VirtualPBX product roadmap. From here you can see what all we have in the works, or at least most of it (wink-wink), and can comment and make suggestions right from there. Or if you like, you can always feel free to join the conversation by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook, because you never know when your idea will be the next big thing!

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