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Hardware Updates Prevent Obsolescence

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Hardware Updates Prevent Obsolescence

Hardware Updates Prevent ObsolescenceSo you went out and, after having researched for weeks, you bought a new flat screen TV in time for the big game. You’ve read reviews, spoken to experts, and spend an embarrassingly long time standing in front of walls of options at all of your electronics suppliers’ locations. And today you finally get to sit down into your comfy chair, lean back, and relax knowing that you’ve made literally the best choice based on your budget, space, and needs. It feels good to be a, wait a second, what’s that?

The Only Constant is Change

Of course, the first ad you see while watching your new television is one for, yep, a brand new television technology that’s hitting stores near you. Right now. Instantly devaluing your television, which, though still brand-new and of great quality, is now not what you thought it was. This is basically what happens with all technology purchases and, seemingly, with even less time between updates. Though an irritation at best, sometimes there are modifications made to the actual use of a device (or charging cables, ahem, Cupertino) that are so dramatic that they effectively render it truly obsolete. I was reminded of this the last time I visited some family who still had a VHS re-winder in the shape of a racecar. As cool as it is, that little speedster isn’t doing too many laps around the track these days. What happens, then, when the devices we invest in aren’t just for home but for our businesses?

Choose Wisely

Finding the right options for electronics for business can be daunting, especially in the crowded, often confusing world of telecom hardware. Taking that already dizzying list of options and combing for features like updatable firmware, and it seems like a herculean task. Fortunately, we know how important it is to invest in VoIP phones and routers that will work for you, as long as you need them to. That’s why we’ve curated phones and routers that allow hardware updates that won’t break the bank. New to the list are several high-speed routers with intelligent hardware that can be updated, and even protected, much like a personal computer.

We can be virtually guaranteed to see developments in almost every possible corner of technology. As much as it may be a frustration when that happens with personal electronics, it can actually be pretty crushing to a business when a tech budget is considered a total wash or needs to effectively double when you least expect it. Firmware updates also come out when you don’t expect them to, but they only cost you some time. Picking telecom equipment that grows with your business is as easy as spending a moment with a personal guide to walk you through the latest options, so get started today. Besides, if you spend too much time shopping for a router for work, you might miss the next game on that killer TV of yours!

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