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Phone Number Porting Keeps Your Branding Consistent

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Phone Number Porting Keeps Your Branding Consistent

VirtualPBX Phone Number Porting Interface ConfirmationIt’s time to switch phone service providers, but you don’t want to lose the phone numbers associated with your business.

Don’t worry. Phone number porting lets you transfer those numbers and keep your business branding intact.

The Phone Number Porting Process

Phone service providers like VirtualPBX can accept phone numbers from other providers by using the porting process, which involves the exchange of information from one carrier to another to establish ownership and usage of a phone number. This occurs every day, and our customer service staff is well versed in the steps it takes to successfully move your number from your previous carrier.

When speaking to VirtualPBX about switching to one of our Business Phone Plans, you can inform our staff that you have numbers you want to continue using. They can help you through our online porting interface that accepts information about your current service provider so we can reach them to have the number moved to your new account.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the required information. Once the initial online process is complete, you can see the status of any porting requests from within your VirtualPBX Dashboard. Local numbers take between three and five days to port in most circumstances.

Forward Calls in the Meantime

To keep your phone number, it’s important that you keep your phone service active with your previous carrier while you’re switching to VirtualPBX. The previous carrier will then still own your phone number during the porting process, so it should be simple for us to access and transfer to your VirtualPBX Plan.

This will create a period of time where you will be between carriers. Phone service with your previous carrier may still be active, but eventually your phone number will be moved from one service provider to another. You will want to be ready so your customers won’t ever reach an inactive line.

All VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans come with at least one included phone number. You can forward calls to that number or to your personal devices while porting is completing. Most service providers have a Call Forwarding feature that will send all calls from one number to another.

Your included phone number from VirtualPBX will act as an intermediary during the short period when phone number porting takes place.

Business Continuity

Continuity in service is one of the most important elements of business success. A customer who reaches an unresponsive phone line may be turned off enough to cancel their subscription; they may even leave a negative review if the problem were to persist.

We make the phone number porting process as simple as possible so your business can offer continuity to its customers. Our online portal, the transparency into the process, and our 24/7 Support gives you all the tools you need to remain steady for anyone who needs to reach your business.

Even while number porting takes place, you can make sure that customers receive the same attention they expect. A few simple precautions like forwarding your calls and relying on your included VirtualPBX number will keep customers unaware that any change in the underlying phone service is occurring.

Need More Information?

Start a chat with our team today to discuss your needs. We can recommend which VirtualPBX Plan fits you best, and you can port as many numbers as you need from your current service provider. We’ll help you through every step to make sure that your image remains consistent and your customers can always reach you at the phone numbers you specify.

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