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New! 3-Way Calling Feature

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New! 3-Way Calling Feature

Now, Virtual PBX customers can use 3-way calling to connect a third person to an existing two-way call.

3-way calling can enhance many aspects of your business, acting as an intermediary in any situation. Examples: connecting a supplier to a customer while you control the discussion, bridging between managers of different departments or easily bringing in another person to give a different perspective, or validate anything that was said. This feature is truly invaluable.

Here’s how it works:

When you’re on a call on one of our VoIP phones, select the Conference option to put that call on hold. When you hear the dial tone, simply dial the other party, and press Conference again to connect the two parties.

We welcome you to review the extensive features and advanced plans offered by VirtualPBX.

Also feel free to leave a comment explaining how you best use 3-way calling to improve your business, or share this blog with your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about Virtual PBX call us at 888-825-0800.

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