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Private Call Recording Storage on VirtualPBX Enterprise

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Private Call Recording Storage on VirtualPBX Enterprise

Floppy Disk - Private Call Recording Storage on VirtualPBXOne of the most exciting recent developments in our Business Phone Plans is the addition of private call recording storage.

We’ve now made it possible for all Advanced, Enterprise, and Ultimate customers to send their call recordings directly to Google Drive or Amazon S3 storage. This helps them protect their data and gain a greater amount of storage than is available in bespoke VirtualPBX.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an Enterprise plan, read further for a quick look at the benefits private storage can provide. And if you’ve already become one of our customers, check out our Private External Storage beta test to become an early adopter of this feature.

Direct to Personal Storage

When you choose to use Google Drive or Amazon S3 as your enterprise storage location, you will bypass the included storage in your VirtualPBX account. This can help you avoid storage limits and make it easier to manipulate or transfers those files.

To learn more about AWS training and International Data Corporation’s prediction that the cloud storage market will reach $554 billion globally by 2021, please visit the links provided here.

Data Limits

By default, all Enterprise users get 1 GB of storage for their call recordings. This cap can be expanded with the purchase of additional storage at only $4.99 per gigabyte.

How easy it is to fill that storage capacity depends on the number of recordings you complete. Consider the following chart that shows how many minutes you can record per megabyte and gigabyte.

Length of Call Mb Used
(128 kbps MP3)
Number of Recordings
Per Gigabyte (Approx.)
1 Min. 0.96 1041
10 Min. 9.6 104
60 Min. 57.6 17

What this means is that a single individual could record months’ worth of 1-minute calls before reaching the limit. However, a company of 50+ employees could reach a 1 GB cap much more easily.

If you find that using your own servers is a better choice, we want to give you that option.

Easy Manipulation and Transfer

Although we give all our customers the ability to download their call recordings, your own desire for manipulation of files may need a different setup.

When your files are directed to call recording storage in Google or Amazon, they don’t touch VirtualPBX servers. They’re moved immediately to those other platforms where you can handle them as necessary.

This could make it easier for you to store recordings in multiple folders. It could also make batch manipulation easier – a benefit for companies with a large call volume.

Our Enterprise Plan is meant to reach larger businesses. That said, the largest of that group could see a boost in their productivity and efficiency when storing recordings directly on their external accounts.

VirtualPBX Call Recording Manager


We also hope to offer you the reality of data privacy when it comes to call recording storage.

As it has been mentioned, when you choose Google or Amazon as your storage location, you bypass VirtualPBX servers.

This means that we never store your recordings permanently on our servers. You don’t have delete them or move them manually because they’re never in our possession for longer than it takes to automatically transfer them to your personal storage.

If you have privacy requirements for your own company or for your market, using private storage could help you stay aligned with those directives.

Manage Your Call Recording Storage

If you’re interested in private call recording storage, look no further than VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans.

Our Enterprise plan reaches businesses with significant numbers of employees by providing features such as ACD Queues access, Call Recording, Webhooks, and integration with CRM software like Salesforce.

Take control of your call recordings by using Enterprise as the only voice service you need. We offer calling and recording in a single bundle, so there’s no external service to purchase or configure. It all works together, and we’re excited to have you join us.

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