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6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Still Use Fax

Fax Machine Fax ManagerFrom ride-hailing apps beating up the taxi industry to business messaging platforms giving email a run for its money, the introduction of new technologies typically comes with the abandonment of older ones. There exists, of course, some need for hard copies of letters to be sent and received and certainly, there isn’t a substitute for the intimacy of a voice conversation on the horizon, either. Sometimes, though, when the increasing prevalence of new methods of communications monopolizes our attention, we can often forget about other methods even if they’re still very much in use. Specifically, the fax machine is one of the previously essential, now all but forgotten business essentials. But is it totally forgotten? Not remotely. In fact, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of fax’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Here we’ll look at a few of the biggest reasons that businesses should still use fax as a primary tool for some of their most essential communications needs.

The 6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Still Use Fax

Faxing is still one of the most commonly used forms of communication across the globe, but domestically it has gotten a stereotyped as a dated technology. The unimpressive status that fax has been relegated to couldn’t possibly be farther from the truth, though, and these are the biggest reasons why businesses should still use fax-

  1. Security A fax is still one of the most secure forms of file transfer in the world. A fax travels over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that is inherently more secure than digital methods. Additionally, it’s also converted into base64 binary encryption before transmission and reassembled only once it has reached its prescribed destination. This means that the message would have to be personally intercepted at the physical location where the fax was sent. Any attempt to interrupt that transmission would result in a failed fax send or would only yield an indecipherable garble of sounds.
  2. Global Reach Ironically, none of the latest high-tech products would ever hit the shores of the United States without a network of reliable fax machines. Globally, faxing is the standard for business communications. This is especially prevalent in the international logistics and shipping industries when trade routes cross into parts of the world where high-speed internet is rare and the only reliable communications lines are over the PSTN.
  3. Legal Clearance Some organizations will no longer accept documents that haven’t been faxed because they know the transmission is secured and because the source is always verifiable. Unlike the ability to mask email signatures and sources, faxes come from known originations and are delivered securely. In fact, most government agencies rely heavily on fax for public communications and the CIA doesn’t even accept Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests unless they are sent via fax machine.
  4. Small Footprint For many newer businesses with space and expense concerns, the notion of buying a bulky fax machine is as impractical as it is embarrassing. Faxing has been around a long time now, though, so advances in technology have effectively eliminated the need to own a physical fax machine and still benefit from the secure and global benefits of fax communications.
  5. Confirmation of Receipt Unlike email read receipt requests that are as irritating as they are easy to ignore, faxes come with two ways to confirm the message was received. First of all, because the message is sent in the aforementioned encryption, only the entire message can be delivered and partial messages due to service interruption or interference are canceled in their entirety. Secondly, a confirmation page can be requested that will only print if the receiving number completely receives the incoming message.
  6. Modern Polish Some exceptional modern fax services are as clean and user-centric as the most popular consumer applications. The recently updated VirtualPBX Dash Plans faxing service is totally paperless and can be sorted, searched, and managed as easily as a modern voicemail interface, as pictured below.
    VirtualPBX Fax Manager
    Users of Dash can even send faxes directly from the totally updated Fax Manager. Plus, faxing is natively integrated into the award-winning Dash interface so every employee can manage a unified communications system as well as if they were an IT engineer.

One More Reason Why Businesses Should Use Fax

In a word- cost. Faxing a document is less expensive than sending certified mail, it’s more secure than email, it’s better at reaching more corners of the globe than anything else, and it’s something that already exists in the gold standard for hosted business communications; VirtualPBX Dash. Plus, not that all of the VirtualPBX Dash Plans have been adjusted to include even more budgets than ever before, there isn’t a reason to not use fax! The new face of online faxing is sleek and efficient and ready to add an additional arrow into the quiver of your business. For more information on the redesigned Dash Email to Fax Feature or any of the other features on Dash, you can contact us directly or on Twitter or Facebook. Either way, following us will make sure that you don’t miss any other surprises about business communications.