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Advanced VoIP Phone Options Can Save Precious Seconds

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Advanced VoIP Phone Options Can Save Precious Seconds

VoIP Phone Plans Offer Routing OptionsAt VirtualPBX, we build our VoIP phone service to match the needs of both basic and advanced users.

Power users would tell you that adopting advanced features like ACD Queues can make communications within your organization much more efficient. They’d also tell you that saving even a few seconds with each customer interaction can lead to serious gains in sales and improved customer engagement.

Using Dash ACD Queues and Auto Attendant as examples, let’s dig deeper into the time savings you can expect to realize when utilizing the advanced features of our Dash Business Phone System.

What’s an ACD Queue Anyway?

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queuing is an add-on for Dash that lets you route calls intelligently.

You set queues when you know that an inbound call will address an entire department. For instance, if a caller dials ‘5’ in your Automated Attendant to reach your Sales department, the ACD Queue would choose which individual in that department should receive the call.

The Dash ACD Queues feature can select individuals in a group either randomly or based on one of the following criteria:

  • Who has had the least number of calls offered to them
  • Who has answered the least number of calls
  • Or who has been idle the longest

By using an intelligent queue to select the appropriate individual in a department, you can reduce a caller’s introduction to your business from minutes to seconds.

The Role of an Auto Attendant

Your Dash Automated Attendant could allow any caller the option to press ‘5’ to reach your Sales department.

This is standard fare for any medium or large business with a VoIP phone system, but neither the enterprise nor the individual caller probably considers how much time this single key press saves them.

Ask yourself as a business manager: What if callers had to always start at the same position with a live operator? Callers would speak to a central representative who would have to determine each person’s purpose and who they needed to speak to.

An individual who wants to reach your Sales department would then have to speak to – at minimum – a central operator and a sales representative. The caller would have to sit through more than 30 seconds of unnecessary conversation and wait for the operator to place them on hold before the caller would need to tell their story a second time to the sales rep.

That’s inefficient and unproductive.

The same caller who makes their way through a well-designed Automated Attendant can reach the Sales department in much less time. Furthermore, when they finally reach Sales, their patience will not be worn thin before having the conversation about which product to purchase.

What Role Does the ACD Queue Play?

An ACD Queue takes over for the Automated Attendant when the caller is first presented to a group of Sales representatives. When the call wants to reach the group, the Queue determines who should receive the call. Then it routes the caller appropriately.

The Queue does its work quickly and behind the scenes. It’s much faster than any human attendant could ever be.

How Much Time Can This Save Me?

In any case, your business will save time and reduce frustration by relying on the Auto Attendant and the Queue’s settings in its VoIP phone system options.

When compared to a live operator, the ACD Queue can potentially save minutes of a caller’s time because it allows the caller to decide for themselves which path (pressing ‘5’ for Sales) to take.

You can also shave precious seconds off an individual’s transfer time by assembling an Auto Attendant menu that’s intuitive. If you give callers a quick rundown of your five departments and then allow the Queue to make micro-decisions about routing, your setup should work well.

Adopting Advanced VoIP Phone Features

If you run a medium-size or larger business, ACD Queues might be a great Dash feature to pick up. And no matter the size of your operation, using your Automated Attendant wisely can make the customer journey much smoother.

When your VoIP phone system can save your customers time, you can save them from frustration with your staff and your product.

Remember that saving even a few seconds can make or break a potential sale. If you haven’t already, set up or optimize your Auto Attendant, and consider ACD Queues as the next investment in your company.

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