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We Make Your Business Better

We deliver premium communication solutions for our customers, who work in the office, remotely, and everywhere in between.

Our Core Values:

  • Service: We go above and beyond the basics to help customers achieve success.
  • Commitment: We stand behind our word and deliver on our promises.
  • Excellence: We are never satisfied with “good enough.” It is our mission to create the best products, services, and experiences for our customers.
  • Integrity: We will always endeavor to do the right thing (even when no one is looking).
VirtualPBX Features: Virtual Phone System Benefits

The Original "virtual PBX" for Business

In 1997, our founder, Stephen Lange coined the term and developed the first “virtual” PBX service for businesses. Long before the concept of “the cloud,” his original vision allowed businesses to transmit calls over the internet, granting flexibility without the high costs and restrictive nature of the telecom giants at the time who told him it couldn’t be done. Nearly three decades later, our vision is the same – to offer flexible communications solutions with real human support and to drive innovation as a private company that only answers to ourselves and to our customers.

Over 25 Years In Businesses

In July 1997, Stephen Lange founded VirtualPBX – the first hosted PBX service for businesses in a basement in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district. Originally having created a dietary recommendation tool based on a caller’s dialpad selections, the dynamic telephony technology behind the scenes, which operated on an internet connection rather than expensive physical PBX hardware, became a far more valuable service. Soon, Lange’s business expanded and CEO Paul Hammond was brought on board. Their combined vision saw a focus on product excellence and customer intimacy that continues to drive the business forward today.

Now, as a fully remote company with employees scattered across the USA, we use our own tools to stay connected while helping our customers to do exactly the same.

About Us: First Location

VirtualPBX Founded

Stephen Lange incorporates, Inc. after inventing an advanced hosted PBX service for business.

July 1997

VoIP Launch

Beyond call forwarding, VirtualPBX matures its product offering to include VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

September 2011

Dash Introduced

More than a facelift, VirtualPBX rebuilds their business phone system, paired with a modern, easy-to-use interface.

February 2016

First Integrations

The era of advanced workflows arrived with the Zapier Integration, giving customers options to connect their call data with third party tools.

April 2020

Business SMS Released

The inaugural Business SMS options are released, allowing users to send and receive texts from favorite devices, like the VirtualPBX Softphone.

November 2020

POTS Replacement Product

After the FCC announced a sunset of copper-based POTS lines, VirtualPBX swooped in with a compliance-focused solution to replace fire alarm, elevator, security, and fax phone lines.

January 2024

New Contact Center

Crafted based on years of experience in custom call flows and ACD Queues, VirtualPBX released their white-glove offering for call centers.

April 2024

What Makes Us Different?

Customer Service is what differentiates us from the competition (No, really!).

We offer more than just products and services; we ensure that your communication needs are met by providing quality customer care:

  •  24/7 live customer support across all of our products
  • No downtime and redundant servers keep your business connected
  • Onboarding and white-glove options 
  • As a privately-owned company, we only answer to our customers
Customer Service