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The VirtualPBX Management Team

Driven by the technical acumen and business diversity of its core team, VirtualPBX maintains its leadership in the hosted PBX space. The guiding principle for this management team and the company is, “customer issues transcend all others”.

Paul Hammond, CEO and President

Paul Hammond, CEO and PresidentAs the chief business visionary at VirtualPBX, Paul has helped take the company from a cool side-project to a market leader. With over 30 years of strategic, operational, sales, and marketing management experience, Paul has successfully guided the emergence of such companies as Silicon Vision, Specialix, Siemens/Pyramid and, most notably, BEA Systems. As the Vice President of Business Development and Alliances for their ECI Division, Paul helped BEA achieve $1 billion in annual revenue faster than any other software company in the history of the industry. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for VirtualPBX and in addition to being a Board advisor to Yardarm Technologies. He has previously held a board seat at CASA, a non-profit child advocacy group in Northern California, as well as a role on the Advisors Board for West Valley Business School and Cast Iron Systems, an integration appliance company funded by Sequoia Capital and Norwest Ventures. Paul holds an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Corporate Decision Making from Kingston University of London, England. Connect with Paul on LinkedIn.

Stephen Lange, Founder

Stephen Lange, FounderWith over 20 years experience developing and implementing software, database, voice and systems software solutions, Steve forms the foundation for all of VirtualPBX’s technical innovation. As the inventor of the VirtualPBX service, Steve directs the evolution of the system, is the guru for all things telecom, and mentor to the development team. These abilities have been on display Steve’s entire career but they were presaged early on. While at General Dynamics and just a few years out of college, Steve was one of only two engineers out of 8,000 to receive a Technical Achievement award for his work on conformal phased arrays. Steve holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn.

Lon Baker, COO

Lon Baker, COOLon’s 25 years as a technology leader has taken him from the digital printing business to the world of VoIP and telephony. A leader in managing technology teams, Lon’s passion and commitment has helped the innovation strategy, growth and profitability of Kinko’s Northwest, Kickass Pixels and Grown, Inc. Lon is responsible for all of VirtualPBX’s operating decisions as well as the company’s engineering, customer service and product development strategy. Connect with Lon on LinkedIn.

Kevin Peyton, VP Sales

Kevin Peyton, VP SalesKevin Peyton is the Vice President of Sales at VirtualPBX where he leads the Sales Team’s focus on customer acquisition and revenue growth and helps to build skill development, customer retention, and ethical business practices. Kevin happily shares much of his time out of the office between shuttling his three daughters between various equestrian, field hockey, soccer, school, or social engagements. A lifelong athlete, Kevin achieved four Regional and two National titles in Roller Figure Skating, and now has directed his competitive spirit towards his love for the game of golf. Kevin has a business degree from San Jose State University and is a past President of the San Jose Country Club. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.

Len Cacioppo, VP Operations

Len Cacioppo, VP OperationsAs the Vice President of Operations, Len Cacioppo monitors, drives, and develops all aspects of the technological advances and daily operations for VirtualPBX. Len’s understanding of technical systems development is rich and he has been cultivating his proficiency managing complex systems and teams since 1987. Originally from the East Coast and now a long-time California transplant, Len is the driving force behind many of VirtualPBX’s projects and improvements. Connect with Len on LinkedIn.

Daniel Ruiz, VP of DevOps

Daniel Ruiz, VP of DevOpsA VirtualPBX team member since 2012, Daniel brings nearly 20 years of network expertise to the IT team. A veteran of telecommunications architecture and bandwidth optimization, Daniel has designed systems to fine-tune private systems as well as build large-scale internet infrastructure for entire cities in the United States and Mexico. When he’s not streamlining the path to the cloud, Daniel enjoys Pixar movies with his son and heavy metal music with his guitar. Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn.

Rachel Anderson, VP of Design & Marketing

Rachel Anderson, VP of Design & MarketingRachel Anderson is the VP of Design & Marketing and general go-to resource for emerging trends, platforms, and how best to leverage them at VirtualPBX. After receiving her BFA at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Rachel has moved from the Bay Area to Peru, New York, and now Olympia, Washington all while practicing what she preaches is possible for digital nomads with the backing of VirtualPBX communications tools. Rachel leads the VirtualPBX Marketing Team with a focus on brand experience and building engagement. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.

Jeff Weinstein, Director of Operations

Jeff Weinstein, Director of OperationsAs the Director of Operations at VirtualPBX, Jeff Weinstein manages each tier of VirtualPBX’s vast array of Customer Support Engineers. Jeff’s experience is as broad as the spectrum of opportunities that his team has to help our customers. Operating out of either our headquarters in San Jose or our satellite offices in Las Vegas, Jeff has experience managing international operations for mass market mobile phone providers, upstream Level 3 connections, and has even contracted with the Department of Homeland Security to connect dozens of facilities across the United States with hosted VoIP networks. Jeff has as much knowledge on fast sports cars as he does on telecommunications, and can often be found comparing the merits of the latest supercars around the office.