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Meet the Visionaries

Behind VirtualPBX's Management Team

Fueled by the impressive blend of technical expertise and diverse business backgrounds within its core team, VirtualPBX continues to assert its dominance in the highly competitive hosted PBX space. At the heart of the company’s success lies a steadfast commitment to a guiding principle that permeates every facet of its operations: “customer issues transcend all others.” This mantra underscores the management team’s unwavering dedication to prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else, recognizing that by addressing and exceeding the needs of their clients, they not only cultivate strong and lasting relationships but also drive innovation and growth. This customer-centric approach serves as the bedrock of VirtualPBX’s leadership in the industry, shaping the company’s trajectory and solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner in the realm of virtual communication solutions.

Paul Hammond

Paul Hammond, CEO & President

As VirtualPBX’s Chief Business Visionary, Paul has elevated the company from a side-project to a prominent player in the industry. Boasting over 30 years of comprehensive experience in strategic, operational, sales, and marketing management, including a strong background in enterprise software sales, Paul has been a key figure in the success of various companies. His tenure includes impactful contributions at Silicon Vision, Specialix, Siemens/Pyramid, and notably, BEA Systems. As VP of Business Development for BEA’s ECI Division, he played a critical role in the company’s milestone achievement of $1 billion in annual revenue, setting a record for the fastest growth in software industry history. Currently serving on the Boards of Directors for VirtualPBX,, and Yardarm Technologies, Paul’s influence spans several sectors.Paul’s diverse expertise across various domains underscores his commitment to technological advancement and safety. He holds an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Kingston University of London.

Lon Baker

Lon Baker, Chief Operations Officer

Lon Baker’s extensive 25-year journey in the tech sector, transitioning from digital printing to VoIP and telephony, now finds him at the helm of VirtualPBX. His strategic foresight, product development acumen, and commitment to operational excellence have been pivotal in driving the company’s sustained growth and innovation. Lon meticulously orchestrates strategic, business, and product management endeavors, and leads a global team fostering a culture of focus, coordination, and teamwork. These efforts have been key in establishing VirtualPBX as a leader in the telecommunications industry, known for its excellent customer service, reliability, and cutting-edge solutions.

Rachel Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer

Rachel Anderson is the Chief Marketing Officer and general go-to resource for emerging trends, platforms, and how best to leverage them at VirtualPBX. After receiving her BFA at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Rachel has moved from the Bay Area to Peru, New York, Washington, and now Philadelphia, Pennsylvania all while practicing what she preaches is possible for digital nomads with the backing of VirtualPBX communications tools. Rachel leads the VirtualPBX Marketing Team with a focus on brand experience and building engagement.

Daniel Ruiz, Chief Technology Officer

Daniel has been a pivotal part of the VirtualPBX team since 2012, boasting nearly two decades of unmatched network expertise. His illustrious career is decorated with a rich background in telecommunications architecture and bandwidth optimization. Notably, Daniel has a gift for designing systems, which ranges from enhancing private networks to constructing vast internet infrastructure for major cities in both the United States and Mexico. His leadership qualities, combined with his exceptional decision-making and problem-solving skills, make him an invaluable asset in the IT and engineering domain. Outside of his professional realm.

Linh England, Chief Product Officer

At VirtualPBX, Linh England is the Chief Product Officer. Her role bridges products and operations, overseeing implementation, streamlining internal processes, and ensuring our customers have a seamless experience. This involves close collaboration with Sales, Support, CX, Operations, and Product Management teams to ensure seamless product adoption and efficient operations. Before joining VirtualPBX, she led teams in developing and executing operational strategies, launching new products and features, and managing complex operations rollout. She has a proven track record of success in driving growth and innovation in the tech industry.


Justin Goodpaster, Sales Manager

Justin leverages over 10 years of experience in telecommunication sales to lead the VirtualPBX Sales department, driving customer acquisition and business growth to new heights. He holds extensive sales expertise in complex networks and voice services, gained through previous roles at Spectrum Enterprise, Verizon Business, and DCT Telecom. Justin employs critical thinking to design tailored solutions that meet unique business needs while upholding open, honest communication and high ethical standards. Beyond work, Justin has a deep passion for music, having toured the country for several years with his rock band, Blue Sky Goodbye. On weekends, you’ll find Justin spending time with his three children by Lake Erie outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his BA from the University of Indiana.

Jay Beck

Jay Beck, Customer Service Manager

With 8 years of experience, Jay has held various roles, including managing the VirtualPBX Support team and co-managing the Customer Experience team. Jay is passionate about providing excellent customer service and believes in the power of honest and authentic interactions. He has seen firsthand how these interactions can lead to positive outcomes for both customers and team members. In his free time, Jay enjoys spending time with his dog and playing video games.