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Get Your Business Phone System Ready for Black Friday

The leaves are turning, the mornings are getting chillier and before you know it, Black Friday will be here. Is your small business equipped with a business phone system that can manage the increased call volume during this hectic time?


For retail businesses, the weekend of Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping times of the season and the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season. In preparation, your company needs to ensure that customer care is on point and that your phone system is able to handle increased customer requests. After all, the last thing you want is to lose business because you’re missing calls.

Business VoIP could be your saving grace this Black Friday. With the right provider, you’ll have access to a wide range of features that will help you handle consumer demands efficiently and effectively:

Auto-attendant – Auto-attendant functions as an automated receptionist and routes all your calls for you, so you can keep a 24-hour phone line. Every call will be answered professionally and seamlessly directed to the proper department or person.

Call Queuing – Call queuing is a powerful solution for handling calls in an orderly and efficient manner. It enables you to distribute calls to multiple staff as calls arrive, and will also hold calls in priority sequence if all agents are busy.

If your business needs an upgraded phone system, there is good news. A quality business VoIP system can be rolled out quickly and easily, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

And if your business has already implemented a hosted VoIP system, you should also make sure your network will support the volume of calls that will be flooding your lines on Black Friday.

ProSIP® Network Health Check – The ProSIP® Network Health Check is a 7 day on-site monitoring solution. Over the course of 7 days, the ProSIP team will work with you to collect and review your network performance data, so you can be confident knowing that your business VoIP system is operating at peak performance.

What’s the Difference Between Managed and Hosted VoIP?

We bet you’ve heard the terms “managed VoIP” and “hosted VoIP” thrown around before, but it can be difficult to distinguish one phone system from the other, and even harder to determine which of the two might be a better fit for your company. As your business grows and becomes more established, it’s important to find a VoIP phone system that tailors specifically to your unique set of needs.

How Does VoIP WorkManaged VoIP

You can think of managed VoIP as a preconfigured system. Unlike hosted VoIP, you pay a monthly fee for every phone your company uses. You’ll get unlimited minutes and a standard set of phone features like auto attendant and call forwarding. While managed VoIP typically offers lower up-front costs and is fairly easy to set up and implement, any changes you need to make to your system will depend on someone else’s service hours and response times.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP, on the other hand, is a fully customizable option. The system is based around your usage patterns and needs. It’s ideal if you want the option to add on phone lines when business is booming or scale back when you’re tight on resources. If you are looking for flexibility and control over low upfront costs, then hosted VoIP is an excellent option for you.

The Final Decision

If you’re a smaller company that’s not anticipating a lot of growth and call volumes are high, yet relatively fixed, then managed VoIP may be right for you. If, however, you are a growing company in need of a system that offers a lot of control and flexibility, then hosted VoIP is just what you need to put you in charge of your business communications.

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