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Contact Support

Hours of Operation:

Contact Support, Sales, and Account Services: Monday-Friday | 7AM-5PM Pacific Time
Contact Billing: Monday-Friday | 8AM-4PM Pacific Time
VirtualPBX systems have been designed to provide the best reliability in the industry, with fault-tolerant components and near-zero downtime. But we know that sometimes you have questions. Our support staff is anxious to help, and this page has contact information for reaching them.
We want to help. If you’re a current customer and want to learn more about how to use a particular feature, the best information can be found in the help bubbles included on each page of our web-based management tool. Log in to the vConsole and see what we mean.


Help, When You Need It

Your VirtualPBX QuickStart Guide is designed to help you get up-and-running quickly on your new hosted phone system. Watch the individual videos and try it yourself on your own system. In a very short amount of time you’ll have all the skills you need. There’s no huge manual to read and you won’t have to spend any extra time and money on telco classes.

QuickStart Guide

Step 1: Basic Admin Training (Video Tutorial) (11:34)
Step 2: Basic User Training (Video Tutorial) (7:10)
Step 3: Advanced Admin Training (Sign up for Weekly Live Training) (1:00:00)

Still Need Technical Support?

Many Ways to Get Support Directly From VirtualPBX®

1.Read our FAQs: Our FAQs cover a broad range of topics from basic system access to advanced configuration.

2. Search our Site: Use the Google Custom Search found at the top of every page of our website. If you’ve used Google, our site search functions the same way.

3. Submit Your Case Online: Send us your issues through this convenient form. It’s fast and always available.

4.Send Us an Email
Customer Support: Support@VirtualPBX.com
Account Services: AccountServices@VirtualPBX.com

5. Give Us a Call
1 (888) 825-0800, Toll-free voice and fax (option 2 for Customer Support, option 4 for Account Services)
1 (408) 414-7646, International voice and fax (option 2 for Customer Support, option 4 for Account Services)