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VoIP Solutions

Hosted IP PBXVirtualPBX invented the first VoIP PBX service in 1996, and we’ve been adding to our service for more than 20 years since then. We have the deepest feature set in the industry, including things that most competitors don’t have, like real ACD Pro queuing for improving call routing across departments; on-demand call recording; custom music and information on hold for every part of the phone system; the ability to handle multiple businesses from one system; and much, much more.

A VoIP business phone system from Virtual PBX is even better – we include all the features and capabilities we’ve developed over all those years added even more. With our VoIP business phone solutions, you can direct dial or transfer calls to other users in any location, no matter what type of phone they’re using. And our VoIP solutions don’t require VoIP for every user. You can mix and match VoIP phones, softphones, analog phones, mobile phones, smartphones, and even satellite phones. In fact we go so far as to provide hosted PBX solutions that don’t use VoIP phones at all – we use VoIP in the background to save you money, but your employees can all use other types of phones.

Our goal with our hosted PBX is to provide three key things:

  1. The power to do what you want
  2. The flexibility to do it the way you want
  3. The pricing options to match your usage

If you’re looking for the best in business VoIP solutions, you’ll find it at VirtualPBX.

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