Business VoIP System

The term “business VoIP system” can have two slightly different meanings. In one definition, business VoIP system means exactly the same thing as business VoIP service – it’s a business-class service that provides companies with the ability to make and receive calls over the internet, coupled with the call routing, features, and service management functions that make the business VoIP system viable in a business environment. In the other, a business VoIP system means a combination of hardware servers and application software – the system – that a business VoIP service runs on. So in one definition, it is the service, in the other, it is the system elements that provide the service.

Business VoIP Phone Service Provides Four Main Elements

  • First, business VoIP phone services give companies the ability to make and receive phone calls over the internet.
  • Second, they route calls through the company to the right departments and individuals.
  • Third, a business VoIP system adds telephony-oriented capabilities such as virtual voicemail, ACD Queues, and automated call answering through an auto attendant.
  • Finally, a well-designed business VoIP system includes easy, web-based system management tools.

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