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VoIP Remediation Whitepaper

Business Networks, VoIP Remediation, and Business Operations

Businesses that want to gain an edge over their competitors need to look into more than just their product offerings, they need to find more efficient business operations, too. Adopting more efficient business practices means that even the oldest service providers may be reevaluated in favor of increased functionality, reduced costs, and an overall boost in business operations. For many businesses, one clear enhancement that can be made is in their company phone system by switching to VoIP for business.

VoIP is a cloud-based telephone switching system that operates just like wired telephones of yesteryear without any of the physical attachments or high costs. Switching to VoIP from a standard, on-site business telephone system is, without any question, vastly superior from a cost-benefit standpoint for companies of any size. Additionally, with a healthy and robust business internet connection, VoIP’s HD voice quality and added flexibility will be a distinguishing difference in addition to the cost savings associated with it.

Healthier Networks Get More From VoIP

For a company to maximize its returns on a hosted business phone system, it needs to ensure the health of its network, as well. Maximizing business network performance specifically for VoIP falls into the professional services category of VoIP remediation. Some VoIP remediation services can test for thresholds whereas others can diagnose specific problems and others, still, can conduct general status checks. VPN for VoIP Service is the one option available that can do all of that and more. By leveraging a battery of network engineers, vast hosted telecom expertise, and proprietary diagnostic techniques like the award-winning Network Health Check, VPN for VoIP Service is the complete toolset to maximize VoIP service. VoIP remediation, network assessment, and around the clock monitoring and maintenance are all explained in detail in the free whitepaper below.

VoIP Remediation Whitepaper

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