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Network Remediation

What is a network? Many times the first step to troubleshooting a problem is in defining the problem, but to take a step even further back, let’s begin with defining exactly what a network is, first. The elevator pitch answer is that it’s a system that allows communication between stations. If you think about neural pathways, a tree’s system of roots, or even the complex network of connections that allows a beehive to communicate so effectively, all of these are analogous to what your modern computer network is. With so many connections and possibilities, it’s important to remember that there exist as many different ways a network can represent value for any given company. In fact, you could be sure that maybe not two identical definitions of what a network is exist between any of our nearly 10,000 customers.

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Let Us Troubleshoot For You

For most people, network configurations are a whole lot like car engines. And just like it’s a bad idea to go around taking things apart in your car that you aren’t sure what they are, you shouldn’t go poking around under the hood of your network, either. Every member of the VirtualPBX Professional Services Team is trained to know exactly how to conduct a thorough, comprehensive diagnostic and investigation of your business communications network. And chances are good that if you’ve made it this far, they know you’ve probably already unplugged it and plugged it back in. No sweat, let VirtualPBX take it from here and they’ll identify exactly what is slowing you down before you know it. Common issues include:

Getting Enough Bandwidth

Increasing traffic is the most basic goal towards growing your business. Increased traffic on your network, however, has the potential to be more of a headache than a line out the door. As your business grows, it’s likely that you’ll find that what was originally an adequate level of bandwidth may no longer serve your needs, especially during peak hours. This makes sense, but what is less obvious is that just because your business is getting exponentially bigger doesn’t mean you have to pay exponentially more to support that traffic. Our network experts have access to a database of bandwidth pricing in your location and can help you find the best deals in your area. And when there are savings being left on the table, every time is the right time to upgrade your bandwidth.

Prioritizing VoIP Calls

In certain situations, boosting bandwidth just isn’t the right solution. If your network experiences sharp peaks in traffic but generally uses little of the available bandwidth, you probably need to start prioritizing VoIP traffic. You can accomplish this by isolating VoIP traffic from all other network activities by using a dedicated VoIP network, or you can implement QoS (Quality of Service). QoS prioritizes VoIP calls over other traffic so that when a call comes in it will be guaranteed the amount of bandwidth it needs to be successful and uninterrupted. This way, your call is crystal clear and your coworker’s cat video might just take a bit longer to buffer. QoS is just one of the ways we can give your VoIP calls the fast lane.

Signup for a Full Network Assessment

You’ve got enough on your plate with your business’ daily operations. We can run a full network assessment for you, including scrutinizing how your network is set up to handle your current level of traffic. Our team will offer you a comprehensive analysis of your network and, most importantly, a strategy for how you can maximize its contribution to your business. Whether you’ve experienced call quality issues in the past or you’re onboarding a new VoIP system, a total diagnostic check will ensure that call quality concerns will be a thing of the past.