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Network Bandwidth

Clearer Calls and Faster Browsing

You already know that business VoIP system phones rely on a high-speed Internet connection. You also know that your connection is shared by a number of additional activities crucial for your business to keep running. But do you know what affects the speed and quality of those activities? It’s likely your network bandwidth – and while you may have enough bandwidth during average traffic, when that traffic spikes in one area of your network, your VoIP calls can sound garbled, staticky, or worse – drop completely.

VoIP Reseller Opportunities

How Can We Improve Your Network Bandwidth?

With increased bandwidth you can expect improved reliability, increased productivity, improved data traffic, and more consistent email delivery.

  • Choose from multiple top-tier, established providers in your market (may vary based on location)
  • Experienced network support
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We Find the Right Provider for You

We search top-tier providers across the country to bring you a one-stop shopping experience. Then send you a free quote and analysis by one of our trained team members who can help you pinpoint which level of bandwidth that best suits your needs regardless of who your internet service provider is or what kind of service (DSL, cable, broadband…) you may have. Start with a free quote by filling in your information below.

Network Demand Prioritization

At VirtualPBX we recognize the importance of network reliability. We also expertly understand the nuances involved in determining the right amount of bandwidth to meet your business needs. But did you know that you can prioritize the demands on your Internet’s bandwidth by type of traffic? For example, if your company’s Internet browsing is experiencing a spike, your VoIP call quality could be threatened during that time. With Quality of Service (QoS) implemented, your VoIP calls are given priority over other activities. Think of it like a line in an emergency room: everyone’s needs will be met, but the most critical needs are addressed first. For larger companies, Internet traffic can also be separated onto different connections completely with voice traffic on one connection and data from computers on another.

Get a Free No Obligation Bandwidth Quote

Here at VirtualPBX, we have experts available to assess your network bandwidth, local area network, internet connection, and network configuration needs; we take the work out of it so you can focus on what you do best.

For your free bandwidth quote, start by filling in your information. We’ll contact you shortly to discuss any details we may need to deliver you the most accurate quote from ISPs in your area.