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Call Center True ACD Queues

Your customers know what they want but not always who they need to help them. True ACD Queues get them there. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) queues quickly and positively distribute callers to their desired departments. For example, callers may be prompted to dial 2 for Sales, 3 for Support, and so on. Having the right system in place reduces the time your customers wait. By delivering the call immediately to the proper department, the entire call time is reduced. VirtualPBX ACD Queues Pro provides the most sophisticated ACD capability of any hosted system. They also provide a variety of rich, value-adding features including:

Employees Can Work From Anywhere

Traditional, hardware-based telephone systems tether your employees to a central business office, and when they are out, calls go straight to voicemail – or worse yet – your customers hear that you are closed and the call is dropped. With VirtualPBX, you have a virtual call center, and call center agents can work from a main office, branch offices, home offices, or anywhere they have an internet connection. A virtual call center gives you the flexibility to put the right team members in the right places at the right times, all while giving them the freedom to work where they perform their best.

Hot Desking

Whether you’re accommodating shift changes or have an open workspace, hot desking allows employees to sign into any VoIP phone in the office and begin making and receiving calls from their user.

Self-Managed Agent Presence

Managing ACD queues can be complex and time consuming for administrators. True ACD queuing allows employees to log themselves in and out of queues, and the system automatically adjusts call routing appropriately. Management can still monitor queue and employee activity, but they don’t have to re-configure the system with every employee change.

Call Waiting Signal

Knowing you have more calls on deck is helpful for your team to keep conversations moving towards a resolution. True ACD Queues can indicate that a call is on hold to all extensions that are logged-in but already on another call, keeping everyone on track and not letting customers wait on hold too long as conversations wander.

Distribute Calls Intelligently

Whether based off of merit, skill, or just a simple rotation, VirtualPBX ACD Queues can route callers however you see fit. Best of all, each department you’re configuring a queue for can have its own specific routing logic.

ACD QueuesEven Load Distribution

True ACD Queuing can evenly distribute calls across all employees logged into an ACD queue. By tracking how long it since each agent last received a call, Even Load Distribution routes calls to the person off the phone the longest. This isn’t possible on traditional hunt group queues that contact the first number in a sequence first, indiscriminately.

Overflow Queues

Overflow Queues are triggered by unusually high volume. This lets you designate an extra set of employees to help answer calls whenever it gets too busy. You can program when to activate Overflow Queues based on either the length of time that callers have been on hold or on the number of callers in the queue at any one time.

Advanced True ACD Queues Administrator Privileges

With VirtualPBX, each extension owner can be assigned different types of administrative privileges. Furthermore, you don’t need to hand over complete access to the system.

Queue Management and Configuration

By designating an administrator of your virtual call center, you can offer them control over a variety of functions. This includes the ability to log other agents in and out, re-assign skill ranking for skills-based queues, and to designate what on–hold music to play. They can also set caller hold time limits, queue wrap-up time window, how long an extension should ring before routing to a different agent, and much more.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows managers to see exactly what is happening with their call centers. Everything from which employees are logged-on, how many callers are in the queue, what the average wait time for current on-hold callers is, and even how many calls were abandoned.

Customization with Agents and Customers in Mind

ACD queues keep up with a large number of incoming calls using a limited number of employees. The most efficient business has calls waiting in line. This is provided that they aren’t waiting too long.

Agent Wrap Up Time

In a busy virtual call center, agents often find their phones ringing as soon as they hang up from the previous call. Agent Wrap-up Time allows for a customizable buffer of time before the phone rings again. This way, necessary attention is given to notations, details, and your agent has a moment to regroup following each call.

Custom On-Hold Music and Messages

VirtualPBX lets you play music from a broad selection of styles while callers wait or plays a custom informational or promotional message. You can draw from one of over 100 songs in our Music Jukebox or play a song of your own. The music and message can be different from queue to queue and be updated as often as you desire.