Free Conference Minutes

Conferencing from VirtualPBXVirtualPBX Office Plans include 1,000 minutes per month. If you need more conference minutes, you can pay by the minute, starting at just 2.9 cents per minute. Or simply add Unlimited Free Conferencing for just $49.99 per month. Please note: the cost of the conference does not include the cost of each inbound call, if any – in many plans inbound calls are free.

Every Extension

Conferencing can be made available for every extension in your virtual PBX system, or this privilege can be granted only to select extensions. Each system includes 10 conference seats, so you can have up to 10 people in a conference at once, and you can add more seats for just $10 per month by giving us a call. Once enabled, each extension has its own private conference room, and conferences can be conducted at any time, regardless of other conferences in session on other extensions.

Direct Conferencing

With Direct Conferencing, a conference room is now available without the presence of a moderator. Traditionally, to host a conference, an extension owner was required to be on the conference call. Now, when an extension owner sets a PIN on their Direct Conference-enabled room, everyone with that PIN is able to participate in a conference call without the presence of a moderator.

Easy to Use

Callers simply indicate their desire to join a conference by pressing a designated phone key and then entering the extension number or PIN. There is no system scheduling needed to set up a call, and conferencing is always ready for use. All you need to do is determine if the conference call will require a moderator or will be available to users by using a PIN.

Flexible Security and Real-Time Monitoring

Even though starting a VirtualPBX conference is easy, security is not an issue. The extension owner can monitor the conference from their computer screen, lock the conference from additional attendees, or password-protect the conference when needed. This online tool shows the Caller ID of all parties involved in the conference, and updates automatically as attendees change.

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