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Real-Time Monitor

Real-Time MonitorIf you’re a company that launched a new product or service and are scrambling to handle the new business, first of all, congrats. Secondly, you’ll need to know who is free and when in order to make sure no new deal falls through the cracks, and for that, you’ll need Real-Time Monitor on Dash!

Some business phone systems allow varying degrees of admin monitoring, but may overlook the importance of live monitoring or may need to be configured by a specialist every time a new user is added or removed from the system. Dash’s live Real-Time Monitor view allows literally just that – a completely dynamic and live view of exactly what happens in your phone system, exactly as it is happening. You can use this feature with any of the Dash products, including your Web Phone and VirtualPBX Softphone.

Real-Time Monitor

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If you need to know what’s happening with your team in real-time, then you need Real-Time Monitor on your phone system using the Device Manager feature with Dash. The good thing for you is that Dash understands where you’re coming from, that’s why Real-Time Monitor is already included with every Dash account for free. That’s right, no extra delays in monitoring and all for no extra fees. That’s what you should come to expect from your business phone system, and if you don’t already, maybe it’s time to switch to Dash.

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This feature is included in all our Unlimited User and Unlimited Minute Plans.