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VirtualPBX Zapier Integration Now Public for Use in All Phone Plans

VirtualPBX Zapier Integration ScreenshotBusiness Phone System developer VirtualPBX announced today that its Zapier Integration is live and ready for public use.

The Zapier Integration allows businesses to streamline their workflows by connecting web applications through Zapier’s task automation platform. VirtualPBX customers can now use the VirtualPBX Integration to capture inbound and outbound calls from their phone plans and link them to popular services like Google Sheets, Trello, Hubspot, and hundreds of others.

“VirtualPBX uses the Zapier platform every day to link its web apps,” VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker commented about his company’s Zapier use. “It connects us more deeply to our phone system and the processes that work throughout our business. Our departments rely on these connections to provide excellent customer service and effective sales.

“We’re proud to see our own Zapier Integration be released to the public. Now all our customers can capture phone system events quickly and reliably, integrating their own phone system data with hundreds of other available apps.”

Zapier Templates ScreenshotAll VirtualPBX Phone Plans work with Zapier. A small business that prefers to use Call Forwarding can get started with an Unlimited Users plan; a midsize company or enterprise can begin with an Unlimited Minutes plan for heavier phone system use. Either style of plan can link the company’s calls to its web apps.

This means that a startup can easily create notifications of its inbound calls to a Slack channel. Similarly, a larger business can filter calls from multiple DID numbers across multiple marketing campaigns, potentially tracking activity in a Trello board.

The links between web apps are what give businesses the opportunity to create smooth customer interactions. VirtualPBX’s COO commented further on this point:

“Our customers don’t see all the automation that happens behind the scenes,” Baker said. “But there’s certainly a lot that takes place the instant that a customer calls our business. It’s those invisible, streamlined effects that make our customer interactions a step above. That’s what we hope to help our customers provide for their own clients.”

The VirtualPBX Zapier feature page provides a list of pre-built templates to help customers get started. These include basic outlines like logging an inbound call within a Google Sheet or a Trello card. They exist for both inspiration and convenience, giving newcomers a head start and experienced users a quick nudge to more advanced zaps.

VirtualPBX also offers multiple tutorials on its feature page. These include instructions about keeping a running count of weekly calls through Gmail reports and using conditional logic when creating Trello cards for multiple teams.

There are thousands of combinations possible between the VirtualPBX Zapier Integration and the numerous other web apps listed on Zapier’s website. Prospective customers are encouraged to schedule a Free Demo of a VirtualPBX Phone Plan to see how the system works and how Zapier can help automate its daily processes.

About VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX develops a powerful, affordable VoIP Phone System for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy professional features like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Zapier Integration, and full-featured Web Phone with every plan. Upgrade to Call Recording, External Storage, and more as needed. VirtualPBX supports office phones and personal devices, including business smartphones in its nation-wide 4G LTE network. Award-winning SIP Trunking and networking services are also available from this San Jose-based business of more than 20 years market experience.

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